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  1. I still have Whitey; my 81 ford courier Still have both the 71 Plymouth Crickets (hillman avengers) still have my 58 DeSoto Krispy got a 70 bug! Thank God for acreage!!
  2. Got out of corollas a while back, my fleet currently consists of; Krusty, the 61 Komet The Heep; 82 jeep Casper; 1961 Dodge D300 The Brick; 1985 vulva 245 with 72 164 front clip
  3. started doing some work; lower sill is this blood red color while the rest of the car will be semi-gloss black
  4. ours came with 8r-c's then 18r-c in '73
  5. Carb is junk, but I think it's wearing around 3:91 gears. It's in the same range as the Cricket and it has 3:89. 60mph @ 3,000rpm in 5th. NOT 3:58's
  6. I sold my '66 valiant quick for $675usd and bought this TE72 wagon for $400usd. The car was really well cared for by its original owner, it always went to the Toyota dealer for everything but things he could get a better warranty on. (Exhaust, brakes, tires, batteries.....etc) The car had 40,000mi on it by the time it was a year old! The po was a carpenter and used it like a truck; he even bragged he had 8 sheets of plywood strapped to the roof. Overall; it's pretty clean; it's condition belies the 275,000 MILES on it. It doesn't smoke, knock, use oil. Trans shifts perfect, it's supposed to have 3.58 gears, but feels more like 3.90. When I found it I was told it needed a new carrier bearing. When I test drove it, I found it needed a u-joint; when I bought it I discovered you can't change the u-joints, but found an '80 in the junkyard for $65usd.(twinlights if anyone's inerested) Waterpump was loose, so it got changed. Thermostat got changed as well. It gets hot in traffic, so I just today mounted an old mercedes fan I had lying around. While I was at it, I straightened out the bent valence. It had an intermittant miss especially when wet so I suspected plugwires. Sure enough two were burned through. I'm completely out of money, so I siliconed the holes, filled the ends with dielectric grease, and closed the plug gaps to .15. When I get a job or sell something I'll get wires. It has no exhaust after the cat, but is really quiet. The tires are bald. the fuel guage doesn't work. Overall I still think it's a great car; I got offered $1200usd for it last night! It will be semi-gloss black (to hide numerous dings and some minor rust) someday; I'd really like to get the chrome bumpers, but the shipping would cost more than the car....
  7. its actually a te72 and that bumper is from the earlier model... '79-'75
  8. thats been the biggest problem; regional differences
  9. anything is fixable with a lot of money....
  10. Daisy died a terrible death at the hands of a ford focus
  11. Got moved out to Washington state, Sold my 1966 valiant cheap and quick, and got into an '81 TE72 wagon! the po thought it needed a carrier bearing; I drove it and found it to be a bad U-joint. The car drives like it has 75,000mi but actually has 275,000mi on it!! Found out you cand change the u-joints so I found another shaft at a junkyard for $65. It's a 3TC car, T50, 3:54 gears (I think) No a/c, but has the rear wiper/washer dealio. Little rust around the rear quarter windows, bottom of the left doors, no holes; just pitting. Pics to come.......
  12. well SOMEBODY likes to shop at Oreilly!
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