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Project Lpg 4K-T



Ok in the up coming months i will be starting my next crazzy engine experiment useing a 4k-c with a twist, designated LPG and boost.


I have done this befor on other small and large engines.


The plan...

all manurfacturing of BOTH intake and exhaust manifolds are custom in house.

Turbo is not chosen yet.

Balanced and compression in low 8S.

mild cam and head work (not looking for 8000rpm) and hardened valve seats.

Designated lpg lets you move around more freely with emisions.

Electronic dizzy (i don't want a 5k).


Thats the basics.

work has started on the two types of intakes iv designed so whatever performs best, one looks like a typical early efi intake and the other has more length in the tubing. I chose to make my owne because i can and its oneoff. No pictures untill turn key.

This is a draw through system (no carby) around 8+ adjustable boost.


The block has already been moded, bored to fit oversized acl's and ALL sharp casting ridges ground smooth and turbo oil feed and returns to sump. can't remember what size it was done in 09.


Thats all for now bizzy with other projects but feel free to coment just don't fill it with just use a biger motor pleas. Thanks...


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I like this idea mate, having had a turbo LPG before its a great idea/setup for smaller motors.

If your chasing a GRA carby or convertor for the boosted applications let me know..


Cheers, Andy

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Hos it.going I'm currently trying to get my 1980 e72 2 Dr corolla going I took it as a project and am looking for advise..I'm aiming to build the original 3tc and go turbo..What advice do you as far as efi conversion..

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