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  1. Just had a call everything listed just got put aside for a bulk Friday pick up. If it falls through I'll say so and if it all sels I'll also say so.
  2. EVERYTHING MUST GO CHEAP!!!!! Still have lots of stuff hear and its the end of the month I haven't scraped it all yet cos my ute is off the road..... Have a good boot lid with lock and key. Ignition barrel and key. All 4 doors complete glass and trims still on it locks and key. X2 indicator/wiper stalk sets. X2 cylinder heads one has been ported both not composed suit reco $20 each. Dash face 55 style Manual and auto centre console X 2 sets 30 rear lights A set of 55 rear lifts 5 13" stock wheels very good tyres Front and rear seats very clean Rear windscreen Some plastic bits KE30 round headlight grill clean and all bits and lits for that BODY AND DRIVELINE SOLD 13" hotwire mags rear are wider than front suit reconditioning no tyres on them $50 THE LOT NOTE THIS IS A KE55 4 DOOR SEDAN BUT IS 1979 SO BESIDES THE VIN ITS ALL KE30 TRIMED.
  3. Parts left Boot lid All seats All 4 doors complete Rear windscreen good condition 5 13" wheels with heaps of tread And some plastics from the interior 2 pairs of ke30 rear lights A pair of ke55 rear lights Ke30 front light and grill complete round headlight Rear quarter air vents respraid in gloss black Dash cluster worked well high is And other bits. 0488169752
  4. No bog at all in FRH guard!!!
  5. front and rear bars... Sold Chrome guttering trim... Sold Denso radiator... Sold Fuel tank and all accosiated parts... Sold Shell and seats in limbo. Have a FRH guard in really good condition asking $40 fimr. Still lots of bits like all 4 doors completely untouched. 5 stocky wheels good tyres too.
  6. Still lots of good stuff just ask and I'll let you know so if your rolla needs plastics or even a front seat or belt I have it even two sets of rear sedan seats in good nick. So fare this week iv sold or am set to sell a fuel tank and all the added bits and a pair of front seats. Prices are cheap to sell EVERY THING MUST BE GONE BY THE END OF THE MONTH (MARCH)!!!. 0488169752.
  7. Front and rare bars good condition $50 each.
  8. I have a front and rear bar and grill just like in the pick located Melton 3337. Can't post picks but my number is 0488169752 and the bars are the ones with the small side rubber bits for the corners $50 grill and $50 a bar just needs the indicator/ parker lights.
  9. I have 2 of them located Melton 3337. Also wrecking a whole car.
  10. I'm wrecking a ke 55 4 door sedan with ke30 grill lights ect located Melto 3337 Vic.
  11. I can sell you one works great $30 with key located Melton also have door and boot locks with keys.
  12. OK motor compleet sold Starter motor sold Still have round head light grill and headlights $75 X5 13s with lots of rubber $100 the lot Doors complete $50 each Front and rear seats good condition $100 the lot Rear windscreen $50 no dammage Chrome guttering $30 the lot good condition Sandblasted ally 4k engine bits like valve cover and timing cover $20 each Manifold back exhaust system $30 the lot. And lots more
  13. Motor complete is $100 Motor is $125 without starter but everything els comes with it and radiator is $50 as its almost new denso brand. Picks ctonight sorry.
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