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  1. It isnt installed in the picture but the wheel arch needs massaging to get it in, i have cable clutch still so it looks like it will fit fine
  2. Haha yeah I'm a mechanic at the shop you saw the 1zz at, yeah its a shitty box but will do for now just to get it running and then go to a w-series. I'm more worried about the diff at this stage more than anything
  3. Hello, been lurking on here for awhil and Thought id make an as i go thread of my build I'm doing. Basically accumulated lots of parts and then ran out of time and motivation to do it but circumstances vhange and now i have time to build it! Its a ke55 coupe thats copping a 20 valve silvertop with a k50 a series gearbox, run by a haltech sprint 500, 1zzfe coils, Hurricane 20valve headers Carter black lift pump 044 feed pump, Sard fuel reg, Some china surge tank, Reset rear leaves, S13 Silkroad front coilovers hubs and brakes, Speedflow braided brake lines and shit, K-tuned inline universal thermostat housing, PWR oil cooler, Oil filter relocation Ke70 booster with s15 master cylinder, Ke70 rack and pinion, I'm at the stage of deciding what to do with the cooling system but most probably will go with modifying the standard shit and putting weld ons on it and running speedflow of it, Dizzycap has been cut down and modified to clear firewall, Thermostat housing has been gutted and is being milled and welded, Waterpump is going to be modified and pipes welded on to make it run to the radiator, With the s13 shit i discoveredthat even at max camber adjustment at the strut there is still a fair bit of neg camber so next step it to shorten the silvia control arms and box them. Is sort of a slow 'as i find time' project at this stage but atleast the ball is rolling now after alot of ʞ©$ɟing around haha. Some pics of when i got it and how it is now, will keep the updates coming. Cheers Nitin
  4. Up for sale i have custom made tuned length headers made by hurricane, they are not an off the shelf item and had to be made up, brand new to suit 20valve 4age in rwd configuration Chasing 550 0402336488
  5. Need it gone! All offers considered! Hy guys, up for sale i hav my 20valve silvertop 4age out of an ae82 i bought, was planning on putting it in my ke55 but lost interest, I also hav an A-series k50 gearbox to suit, makes the conversion easy as piss, retains factory cable clutch and gearbox mounts, gearbox is out of an ae70 so it has the shifter position right back, can supply a k50 out of a ke55 so you can hav the forward shifter position. Motor has around 2xx,xxx klms on it, i bought it iin as is condition, it does turn over and feels like it has comp, i will do a comp test on it as i hav ot bolted to the box and the stsrter hooked up, motor doesnt have a loom or ecu but this didnt bother me as i was going to get a custom one done, has the throttles and alternator all there, the clutch setup is the standa rd d 20valve flywheel and pressure plate with a ae70 clutch plate so it hooks up to the spline on the box, clutch plate is brand new. Chasing $ 999 for the package or $1200 including the ke55 k50 gearbox aswell (would be gppd to have a spare) any questions gve me a bell on 0402336488
  6. For sale I hav 2 x front lowered springs for a ke55, they are now removed from struts, bare springs, chasing $80 Cheers 0402336488
  7. For sale i hav a 4k with twin side draft 40mm webers on redline manifold, extractors, apparently has a cam as told by previous owner i will verify this, Crane cams firball ignition setup including crane cams coil, aftermarket fuel reg, electric fuel pump, electronic distributor, exedy heavy duty clutch, basically everything to make it run in your car minus the k50 which may be included for the right price. I bought it as is with a blown head gasket (water in the oil) was still fine being driven around the workshop. will be getting head checked and new head gasket put on before sale. Will swap for 15 inch 3 piece meshies, or a sprint 500 or $1500 fixed and ready to go! Or ill part it separately, Webers on manifold - $900 Fireball ignition setup including distributor - $375 Extractors - $125 Brand new hurricane extractors still in the wrapping - $200 Clutch and flywheel - $75 Blown motor with cam - $100 Any questions just give me a call on 0402336488 can view in underwood
  8. For sale i hav a pair of auto strada mesh genuine made in japan in 16×8.5 offset of -3 with brand new 195/45/16 tyres, Chasing 750 for the pair of swap for some jap 15s, cheers contact me on 0402336488
  9. Hey mate would u consider selling the box separately? Cheers
  10. yeah thats what I was thinking, but i already have the 3tc block? I figured it was relatively easy to make it work but i justed wanted to be safe before spending money on getting the block bored out. I was initially looking at the 2tgeu head but all the ones I had seen were fairly expensive, and figured for the cost difference I could get a significant porting done on the 3tgte head through work. I got the 3tgte for next to nothing which is why i've decided to stick with it. also had a good chat to our engine builder today and hes done a couple of 3tgte motors in the past so I'm gonna try and persevere with it for the time being. I mean later on if i feel the need to go to a 2tg head it'll be a reasonably easy affair as i already have the required components? Thanks for your help bruce, greatly appreciated mate
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