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  1. hey can u send me some pics? 0 concept 0 @ gmail.com without the spaces
  2. Shame you're not in Victoria. This will sell quickly! Great deal.
  3. got any pics mate?
  4. is it just or me does everyones first rolla end up crashing? it's a bit worrying to say the least lol edit: oops just realised how old the thread was ;)
  5. Hello all, I'm from Melbourne but also live in Bendigo. Soon I'll be fully living in Bendigo. I don't own a rolla though. ;)
  6. I'm looking for a project corolla for under $600 on the Melbourne or Bendigo area, I would very much prefer it if it was in the Bendigo area though. It can be manual or automatic. Shell or no engine or anything etc. ;)
  7. Anyone else?
  8. I lik,e it, i don't know much about corollas though. are there alot of aftermarket parts for that model? is it worth getting if i'm planning on modding it for drifting or just going fast?
  9. i'm looking to buy a corolla, if possible a RWD (i doubt for that price though) in the melbourne area. if anyone's selling for under 700 give me a know