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  1. I'm chasing (along with half of tassie) a reasonably stock AE71, no engine conversions just pure 4ac power house Anything about?
  2. Hey all Selling the MX30 cressida need the money for my ae86 project http://www.rollaclub.com/board/?showtopic=31114 cheers
  3. Time to sell on the beloved cressida, selling due to the need for funds to finish my current project. Soon to be eligable for SI rego (30 years old) this weekend cruiser and all round fun car is a great buy. Located in Hobart Tasmania 1980 Toyota Cressida MX30 2.6lt inline 6 cyliner, Automatic 224,XXX km, 4 months rego recently serviced, excellent condition inside and out, no rust, custom stainless tail pipe Standard 14" wheels with chrome bands and good tyres $2000 ONO Post here or contact me via PM May sell with wheels pictured (15x8 superlites)
  4. don't need surf rods to catch a decent flatty or salmon can't beat the old silver wobbler spinning on the beach
  5. don't want to be left out in the cold with a single spinner of death? Its time to cherp 1st and spin twins this season! Warm up your diff this winter with a wild wet weather winter weldy Thats right Get All your W's where you want them! $50 a pop (price may vary depending on difficulty and type of car) Persons must provide 1 can of brake cleaner, their required oil for the job, disposal of old oil and their own gaskets (silicon sealant can be provided) All work carried out by qualified welder fabricator, with the right tools for the job. HOBART AREA ONLY DISCLAIMER: welded or locked diff are for off road and track use only, I take no responsibility for damages/wear/breakages etc. that may occur. Shoot me Pm or post up here for more details Cheers Kieran
  6. I have a set of MA61 supra wheels good nick baulding and flat spoted rubber, may organise usuable rubber... $300 PM me
  7. Hey everyone Ive found a buyer for the car, and have said that they can have the lot, sorry and thanks to those people who hav expressed intrest in parts etc. ALL PARTS AND CAR ARE NOW SOLD Cheers Kieran
  8. Sorry man !! wasnt thinking!! I saw a white KE20 with venitions white walls etc on rundle st i think might have been saurday?? well I'm back home now so any questions etc let me know
  9. Hey everyone on my way to Adelaide this morning its 5am :jamie: wont be back till monday I'll try get net access to reply to your pms don't have time just atm!! Cheer Kieran
  10. Need to sell all these parts so if you think prices are to steep make an offer...
  11. $800 on the corolla comes with the gold hotwires with new tyres
  12. I'm unsure exactly what they are but I was thinking celica/cessida/corona? calipers are sumitomo large twin piston things They are a direct bolt in they come with lower conrol arms to suit, they have KE20 spring cup fitted you will need your standard top hat and strut top yep will send aus wide at buyers expence.
  13. Hey guys Also I have a set of KE20 Kmac adjustable (castor & camber) strut tops good cond. $130 The brake upgrade is 4x 114 and come with lower control arms to suit conversion also :D I still have my KE20 rolling shell forsale bit dusty atm hasnt moved in years! have all parts bar engine to put it back together: Below are examples of what is under the dust will come with the gold hotwires with new tyres
  14. Check out my forsale thread brake upgrade in there for KE20 :no2: You will want sigma control arms AE86 will be way to short!
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