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  1. Hi folks, my air con has stopped working. I suspect a leak from evaporator region as I believe I can smell pag oil coming out the vents. Has anyone replaced an evaporator on a zze122 that could share any useful tips please? Thanks and Merry Christmas!
  2. SOLD. Could the mod please help me delete ad?
  3. Thanks Parrot, that number is perhaps the superseded one as the number I quoted is from the injector body itself, looks like you're right either way. Probably safer, quicker to get them claened locally. I was not aware of Amayama, thanks for the info. Silverra23, got my ae95 for $1000, and has been such a reliable wagon. It's towed a loaded tradie trailer from Vic to the NT and back, forded flowing creeks at .7metres, it's slow but built well. I'd like a newer wagon however at a guess I'd only get a box of beer for her so best I continue caring for her.
  4. G'day out there. I am the proud owner of an un-stoppable off-roading machine, that is the amazing ae95r, SR5 variant. I am wanting to replace the injectors since they havent seen any love in 26years and 320K Kms. I am having trouble finding new ones as opposed to reconditioned ones. Their part # is 23250-16100, they are light green in colour and from what i gather they are high impedence (13.8 Ohms) and 176cc flow rate. Any ideas as to where/whom could supply me with some new ones? Thanks for reading :) *Also, does anyone know if the ae102 injectors may be interchangeable?
  5. Thanks Hiro. No temp sensor anywhere near this IAC so I'm guessing it's there for pre-emission control like you say. On another note, any tips for these models regarding pinging? I'm thinking mine has a lazy knock sensor. Once at operating temperature under light load it will ping badly, load it up a little more and it stops pinging. Tried premium fuel last fill and no change.
  6. G'day folks, after some feedback from others with zze122's r.e. engine rpm when cold. Mine will hit 2000rpm on a cold start up then return to around 1500rpm and progressively less as the engine warms up. IAC valve is clean and free. Is this normal of this model? Mine is an '02 model with cable throttle. Also regarding the IAC valve, it has coolant flowing through the end of it and I can't for the life of me work out why? Thanks for reading.
  7. Good morning all, I have a question regarding the programming of new keys to my 2002 zze122r corolla conquest wagon. I have just purchased this vehicle and the only key it came with is the gray "sub-key", it unlocks all locks, disarms immobiliser once inserted into the ignition barrel and starts the car without a problem. I would like to purchase a key like the original with the lock/unlock buttons incorporated into the key head to make use of the keyless entry. My question is; Using the programming method of opening and closing doors/inserting key into ignition etc etc, can I successfully program a new key to this vehicle if I only have the gray sub-key? If not, why not? Thanks in advance for any helpful information.
  8. G'day all, I'm chasing a central locking switch for '88, ae95R. Its the one thats located on the drivers door trim.
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