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  1. hey does any1 no what offsets 14" longchamps come in? also wondering what would fit best under my car was thiking 14x7.5+0 front and14x8+0 on the rear but not sure if theses wheels come in those sizes. hit me up if you got some for sale
  2. the blue one is the car i originally bought didn't come with the longchamps. then the rust come out of everywhere
  3. hi all I bought this ke70 5 years ago thinking it was the best thing out. it had a ca18det with with 4424 ems stinger ecu, 044 bosche, forged pistons ,stock rods, rb20 turbo , fuel reg, 1000cc injectors, front mount 600x400, stock radiator, stock coilpacks, stainless low mount exhaust mani, shity 3 inch exhaust with cat and cannon, ca18det gear box, 1 piece drive shaft, locked f series tarago diff, white interior and that's pretty much it. owning many of these cars before I had always wanted a fast one. just coming out of the mines all cashed up with 10k to blow I stupidly rushed into buying it. when I test drove it the guy had it on 25 plus psi lol. so you could imagine how impressive the car would have been it made roughly 350 hp. it had rust here and there need a bit of work done to it but id have some cash left over once buying it so i wasnt to concerned. so not noing shit abouts cars i got the heap of shit for 6k so about 1 week after buying it i used the boost controller to turn the boost down to around 14 which didnt help because the motor started ʞ©$ɟing out reguardless. it had early detonation problems. i took the car to chapmans up the sunny coast to try and sort out the problems. $1500 later he did his best but the motor was in nead of a rebuild. That wasnt my only problem the dick who resprayed the car had sprayed over rust because rust started coming out of everywhere. iv owned about 10 ke70s now and this car is the worst ke70 iv ever seen nothing comes close. so i bought the biggest peice of shit in the world in other words lol so being a stupid wanka like i am i wasnt willing to let my dream ke70 die so my new plan is to swap all the parts out of that car into a good shell not rusting away and rebuild the motor with alot of help from my dad. thats was 5 years ago and I'm still building it. its taken so long because iv moved to mt isa and ran out of money, also lazy as shit. so i thoughtd id just post this up showing you guys everything i went through iv lost alot of the photos because i never thought to document everything. not sure how to put the writing with the photos but ill just put them in order so I put the longchamps on the car the old rb20 turbo old 3 inch exhaust the new shell paid $2300 again payed to much but its got no rust just a few photos of the new daily with a scrub and the longchamps also put ae86 k sport non height adjustable coil overs with vented and slotted with large 86 JDM calipers. will be replacing with height adjustable ones. also bought ajps rear adjustable seats with kyb short stroke shocks. 6kg front 4.5kg on the rear bit stiff for the streets also the springs ajps sent werent low enough so ill have to replace both the springs for something lower and softer probably 5kg front and 3.5 rears. twin cam steering wheel and the black seats installed will hopfully be replacing with bride buckets seats eventually rebuilt ca18det will post up the information soon. pics of the top mount external gate steam pipe exhaust manifold, the brand new gt2860rs, gfb tms response bov, 38mm tial external gate new bars for the ke and brand new head lights and tail lights from ebay pics of the engine bay sprayed stone blue in arcylic metalic pearl with the ca18 droped in almost ready to fire her up soon. upgraded the radiator from the corroded stock one. got a new intercooler 400x300 I think from 999 automotive for better response. pics of the intercooler piping with the plumb back bov to keep it nice and legal to try keep those cops away. also got the exhaust done by fabulious fabrications PIPING FAB 2-2.5” HOT SIDE, 2.5” COLD SIDE INTERCOOLER PIPING INTAKE 3” INTAKE PIPE BOV PLUMB BACK DUMP ONE PIECE DUMP/FRONT PIPE TO SUIT T28, 2” OUTLET WITH FLEX JOIN AND MOUNT TO GEARBOX CAT 3” HIGH FLOW METALCAT, FLANGED EXHAUST 3” CATBACK, OVER DIFF, FLANGED AT MUFFLER MUFFLER 3” MAGNAFLOW MUFFLER WASTEGATE PLUMB BACK might be a bit confusing i copy and pasted alot of it thats pretty much where I'm up to hopfully be getting it started very soon ill post the engine specs up soon work done to the ca18det by hagen motors and me and my dad. parts that needed replacing were harmonic balancer forged pistons crankshaft main bearings new parts ross forged pistons and ring set c/r bearings cometic mls head gasket arp head bolts spool conrods performance valve springs acl race series main bearings powerbond harmonic balancer- race arp main studs when i got it tuned by chapmans it made 225 hp on 11 psi so not sure what numbers its gonna make ill be running it on14 psi hoping for 250 hp also running 550cc injectors now I am looking to buy some wide longchamps does anyone know what offsets they come in? was hoping for 14x8+ 0 rear and 14x7.5 +0 front. willing to swap my set and cash your way. they are 14x6.5 +0, one pair type a othrer type b just got it dyno'd and it made less power than before with a bigger turbo lol and full boost at 5000 rpm not suure whats going on there
  4. hey mate are you after a 1st year apprentice spray painter?
  5. really keen to start a spray painting apprenticship 1st year. have had a little bit of experience spray painting can start asap have car and manaul license. looking to work around brisbane. ph matt on 048700424
  6. after some chrome bumpers with end caps and anything else it needs and also after a pair of chrome mirrors that sit on quarter panel 048700424
  7. so what springs and shockys should i get for the rear i hear kings springs suck any suggestions?
  8. true well i might be buying some ae86 coil overs on sat so ill see how that goes.
  9. so i need coilovers, some AE86 hubs ae86 brakes. what are rca's rear control arms???
  10. or is it better to go springs and a shocky not useing it for track just street i have a ca18det ready to be swapped over from another ke70
  11. hi just bought a granny spec ke70 needs to be lowered I'm wanting to spend no more than $1500 on coil over just wondering if i can buy ae86 coil overs and put them straight in or do i need to modifie alot of stuff? iv lookd around and can't really find any info and yes I'm aware theres shit loads of lowering forums. what is the best coild over/ easiest to install into a ke70 and where can i buy them form asap? any help greatly appreciated thxs
  12. hey just wondering if any1 has upgraded the bulbs in the flat faced headlights? i can't see shit when driving around i have to put on the high beams and still struggle to see. the problem is there sealed i was wondering if any1 has ripped open the back of the headlights and done a dodgy blub upgrade?
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