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  1. Anyone have any aircoon parts?
  2. Would you post the tailshaft to nsw?? Postcode 2156 to be exact! Cheers
  3. Will that tailshaft fit t50 to stock ke70 diff in a wagon? Like a ae71 tailshaft?
  4. sorry mate, these went to the council cleanup a while back now!
  5. will you split the kit? i already have a few of the items...
  6. Hey mate you had a chance to look into that postage?
  7. For sale i have a front set of ke70 seats with no rails. The seats are in good condition except for a few of the stitches on the bottom part of the seat where you sit. The seats are blue and I'm only selling them because they are to small for me. Will take anything, give me an offer, need them gone otherwise they go on council cleanup on sunday. (i also have a wagon rear bumper which is in pretty good nick for free!) cheers, joe
  8. actually both engine and gearbox crossmember!
  9. hey mate, would you consider posting the ae71 tailshaft and crossmember to nsw 2156? cheers, joe
  10. So I'm guessing that was a no on the postage to nsw?
  11. i don't have to much expiereinces with 4agze's just yet, but it looks like a fuel filter/ pump/ line cover.
  12. hey guys, thanks for your replies...my computer isnt let me upload the photos for some reason.. but not to worry, i went to the brake guys up the road from my workshop and we figured out that the pads and calipers were either from a toyota corona rt142 or a sigma....I'm gonna go ahead and go with the corona guess... thanks for the help once again! :)
  13. ok cool thanks man, ill put some pics up when i can....i also tried getting some number of the calipers and doing a search on google, but didnt get anything, they are a girlock brake caliper....
  14. Hey guys, I bought a diff off one of the guys who was parting a car out on here a few months back now ( can't remember his username).. When I went to pick the diff up I was told by the guy I bought it off that he had removed it from the ke70 sedan which he was parting out...on pickup though I realised the diff had disc brakes on it....( to my knowledge no ke70 came out with disc brakes). So my question is, is there anyway to identify what the diff is out off as I want to buy new brake calipers for it to rebuild them as the cradle from one of the calipers is missing.. It's a Borg Warner diff with disc brakes, there is only one number on it it is 0570-026900 and no I'd tags or anything. I have no idea how to identify it...without opening it up, I have been told that the corona rt142 came with disc brakes so I'm guessing it could be out of that. But I may have to buy a set of those calipers to see if they match the mounts? Cheers in advance if anyone has any ideas!!! Joe
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