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  1. Ok so i can get seca suspension/ struts for my sedan?
  2. Might just do so cheers
  3. Hey guys does anyone knoe if the ae92 hatch or seca front and rear struts fit into the ae92 sedan?
  4. Hey do ae101 or ae112 front and rear seats fit in an ae92 sedan?
  5. Hey every one, just curious to know if ae101 or ae112 seats fit in a ae92 sedan?
  6. Hey every one just curious to know what would be a good size set of rims would be? Would i be able to fit 15x8+10 or 15x8+25 on my ae92 rolla? Or what would i need to do to get them to fit?
  7. Hey everyone, i had my motor changed, its still a 4af carb, but just curious to know if i should get the carby tuned? If so how much does it roughly cost? Also should i get the timing checked?
  8. When the engine is warmed up it wont idle, it cuts out
  9. Pretty sure they are the same
  10. Thanks mate hopefully he figures it out and it aint to costly
  11. Yeah, i gonna take it to a mechanic tomorro morning see if he can figure it out
  12. It wont idle, i think its an electrical problem maybe? Not sure
  13. I can keep it running if i leave my foot on the peddal to give it a bit of throttle, but when i take my foot off, it turns off
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