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  1. Ah the joys lol. I used an air chisel this time and it was a piece of piss really, last timed I used heat gun n scraper and that sucked nuts. We'll this is the result of some late night tinkering. Took the idiot lights out and shoe horned in a tacho :P it's gonna be running after market fuel, volt and oil pressure gauges ( boost, water temp) any way so I'll just move the beam light to above the brake and wallah...
  2. I got this plus another half bucket and the fire wall piece which is still intact out. These are the two rust spots obviously the first is worse and it's all under the bracing too :( And I cleaned all the glue off the roof as I'm thinking of just leaving it painted and uncovered.
  3. Thanks man, it's great to hear ppls thoughts, Ok a little progress for once, today I pulled out the firewall heat shielding, finally something was easy bend a few tabs and it came out in one piece. :) then I decided the sound deadening on the floor had to go. A few hours on the air chisel soon took care of things and lucky I did as I found yet more rust.... So we'll plate that up soon and get some paint on. Although seeing it in this state I really want to go the race car route (still with attention to every detail and super clean) and just put it on club rego. I'm really in 2 minds about it but I'll sleep on it and see how I go. Haha
  4. Also any one got a gilmer kit for a 4k with an sc14? Save me goin brand new?
  5. Well once again, it's been pretty slow on the rolla. Stripped all the wiring as the engine bay and interior are ready to be painted soon, a few more plates to weld and the exterior gets a new coat aswell. And I got bored again one night and ended painting the teq symbols.. Why not I say. Hopefully have more substantial progress next update. That's the project manager and head of security hard at work in the back round
  6. Alright been busy Workin on the rally car gettin ready for Iroq, so I've only managed to get the rocker cover done on the ke, think I might paint the teq symbols as well. The escort got the new bars added to the cage, pan hard mount fixed n strengthened like a boss , pwr radiator mounted up and new group 4 rims on the way. Just the once over and should be good to go
  7. Oh n my cousin swapped his ute for a ke 70 wagon last night, with chopped springs and the exhaust finishing under the front seats it was a slow, low,loud n bumpy ride home, gotta love the rolla life lol. We'll today he put 15s on it and put the quad lights from his sedan on it so here's som pics :)
  8. Cheers for the tip, I'm on the gold coast , I'll keep you in mind as I'm sure there will be missing parts when she goes back together. Any ways hand polishing the alloy sucked and took ages. So a quick trip to trade tools got me a new grinder, 3 buffing wheels ( damn there expensive) and compounds. So I set it all up n they only gave me one spindle... The thing near shook off the table when I fired it up. ( had stone on one side n buffer on the other). So to bunnings n back for another spindle and it runs heaps better. I played around and test polished the same end from earlier pics and am stoked with the results.
  9. Well. congratulations good sir!! Nice build btw
  10. Just my room of assorted ke10 goodness :D
  11. Cheers, well today I decided to sand n polish the plenum, piping and clean and polish the rocker cover. However after hours of sanding/ steel wool I have only the plenum ready to be polished. As u can see in the photo I test polished one end, looks pretty good I think. Ill probably polish the rest of it tonight. I soaked the rocker cover in hot water n a dishwasher tablet and it came out really good! Any suggestion on what to polish it up with though? Nothin I had would touch it?
  12. Nice mate, be keen to see how it comes together for you. What are you doin with the cage?
  13. And now the heart of the old girl It's a 5k with a 4k head, The bigger super charger of a 4Agze? Over boosted Fuel injected and intercooled it had all valves, springs pushrods pistons bearings etc. put in but when it was left outside no one put welsh plugs back in... Doh so it's at the mechanics to be pulled apart and gone over etc. and there's talk of switching to E85 whilst we're at for a few extra ponies. :D
  14. Inspection showed the aforementioned rust so i decided to give it a bare metal respray. While sanding back the layers of history showed some dodgy rust repairs,ie coat hangers bent covering 4 inch holes then bogged over. Alas 2 new quarter panels a boot and a bonnet as well as a a lot of sheet metal work and she's nearly 100% rust free!! All of this occurred over about 1.5 yr time frame with a venue change. Oh and as you can see in the photos I got some new rims however they are 114.5 so some ke 55 hubs and brake were fitted and the rears re-drilled. The rear leafs were reset and the fronts just cut for now till the engine goes back in and I sort something out.
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