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  1. I've got a 4age 16v smallport FWD with a gearbox that is on it's way out. I've found a 20v gearbox for a decent price and was wondering if they will bolt straight on to the 16v and also if the splines on the main shaft will fit properly too. Some people say they do and some say they don't so I don't know who to believe. Any help will be appreciated :-)
  2. And I can't refit the original sensor, the plug on the sensor came off whilst removing. Which was probably why it was misbehaving in the first place.
  3. Would it be possible that another sensor shit itself coincidently. Maybe the o2 sensor? Or making it misbehave?
  4. For the last couple of months I've been getting an engine light problem (been coming on and off randomly) and found out it was the knock sensor. So I replaced it with one off a 20v I had lying around. All works good except it runs quite rich and I've had to adjust the idler screw to stop it stalling (or shuddering) after I've given it a bit of revs. Would anyone have a solution to this? I never had this problem until I replaced the sensor. Any help will greatly appreciated :-)
  5. ive just bought some blue instrument cluster bulbs for my AE93 SX, and was in the process of removing my cluster when i struck a problem. i have removed all the screws holding the cluster in place, but i wont come out. it'll move a few mm forward but no more. i think the speedo cable is holding it back. i didnt want to pull incase it broke. would it be alright if i pulled it or is there another way around to remove it? any help appreciated. Cheers, Taylor btw SX cluster.
  6. Could you inbox me your phone number. I would like to buy your 4age ac compressor.
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