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  1. thanks mate, i will pop along them for a chat later this week if I'm not working late
  2. I have an ae111 that is currently Auto, i am planning to get it converted to a manual soon and was wondering if anybody knew of a good garage that would be able to do the conversion for me? I am currently in the Launceston area but would look at places all over tassie if they were good. Have no room in our shared carport to do it.
  3. preferrably in the launceston area. thinking to get a front cut and get the gearbox and pedal assembly then sell off the blacktop.
  4. Hi there, ive just bought a 1997 Levin,it has a 20v blacktop. unfortunately its an auto but I'm going to hopefully change that when i get back from holidays in March. Who would be the best garage in Tassie to do a manual conversion to my car? i have no room in our carport to do it. I also have a HKS timing belt that might need installed soon as well.
  5. nice job, i have just bought a 1997 levin auto (was looking for a cheap work car and found it real cheap!). might look into getting a manual conversion done in a few months time.
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