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  1. YRO11A

    Corona St141 Build Thread!

    landcruiser/hilux calipers will not bolt on to st141 struts only xt130/rt132 celica is the cheep option, r33gtst calipers also bolt on, if you go s13 the the r33 swap is even easier Why not just shorten and coilover sleeve your stock struts? also I think you need to play with old cars more, that redback nest is tiny
  2. YRO11A

    Ke70 Stereo Install

    The other thing you can do is move the door pockets further towards the back of the car and use the space you have now created to mount a spacer ring and speaker. Once you remove the door card you will see where the magnet will need to sit. I have only had experience doing this in an st141 corona but the ke70 was built at the same time and i have a strong feeling that the pockets just unscrew from the backside of the door card as they did in the st141. I also realise how old this topic is but thought my input would still help someone doing a search on this topic. Cheers,Peter.