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    hey mate whats a good time to call about your parts, you wouldn't happen to have any other stuff to help convert an auto to manual would you, thanks
  2. Sven83

    Just An Introduction

    Hey all, Just a quick introduction to the club, I have just Purchased a 1982 KE70 for $50 and come across this forum when I was searching the net for parts , it is %100 complete and apart from the rusty spare wheel well and boot seal and a blown head gasket, it is a pretty good base for a project I think. I have Done plenty of motors and bodywork over the years so I think I should be right to save this old beast and get it back out there cruising again, I have joined the forum to hopefully get some help getting a hold of some bits and share my progress on how its all going, I'll see how I go attaching some pics of getting old Meggs home.