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  1. Ok so I found a 3sgte for $500. So I think I'm gonna go for it. Now I just need a little help figuring out some things. I have searched and searched and searched but havent found a clear and definite answer. I have seen in a couple forums that a 22r bellhousing will fit a w58 behind a 3sgte. It is told that 3 holes line up, and 1 needs to be enlarged. Is this true? Also does anyone know what clutch, flywheel, and starter you would use with that bellhousing?
  2. You guys are totally right. After thinking about it there are many other things that I will end up needing. So I guess that rules the 3sgte out of my price range unless I can make more money or I can find a really good deal on a 3sgte and alot of other parts. I still don't know what to do though. The 3sge beams package is still in price range, but i'm weary to buy an import engine with no solid source for parts. What would you guys pick out of these: 3tc n/a or turbo, 4age or 4agze? I can normally find these for about $200-$500 on craigslist.
  3. My wrx pushes 250 awhp, so I calculated the rolla will need 160 rwhp to have the same power to weight ratio. Recently I have been leaning more towards the 3sgte. I am located in the U.S. and I want to swap and engine in that has available parts. If I were to swap in a beams 3sge, I wouldn't have good access to parts if anything broke, and every engine needs a rebuild eventually. So at this point I think I want to get a gen 2 3sgte since I can get rebuild kit for cheap. I'm just trying to calculate it all out now. I found a 3sgte on craigslist (a classified advertisement website) listed for $700. And I can get the rebuild kit for about $350. So then I would need tranny W58 (about $500), bellhousing ( I found one on eaby for about $400), I would weld my own intake and possibly exhaust manifolds, ecu, and etc. So that's about $3000 plus a little as it adds up in my head. Is there anything I'm missing?
  4. Thanks for all the replies. I've been leaning towards the 3sge out of the altezza. I have looked on ebay and can find the 3sge, transmission, ecu, and harness for about $1600 shipped. I'm sure I could find a local engine importer and get a price match. I can spend a little extra money on the rest of the car. Maybe $5000 or $6000 total. How much would I be looking at for a properly modified 4agze or 3sgte?
  5. Hey there everybody. I own a te38 and I want to swap a different engine in. Here are the details: I have the skills to build, modify, and weld. My price range is going to be around $3000 US. My goal is to have the same power to weight ratio as my wrx, so I'm looking to push around 160 hp at the wheels in the corolla. The car will be used for daily driving and some spirited driving on the weekends. I have searched for many hours and days on all my options, but I can't make up my mind. I have narrowed it down to 3 main engines. 3tc n/a or turbo, 4age or 4agze, or a 3sge or 3sgte. I really love having a boosted car, so I would prefer a turbo set up, but I could live with a nice n/a set up to. So what I'm really trying to ask is what engine do you guys think I should choose that would enable me to achieve my goals?
  6. Thank you for the advice. I've decided to build the 2tc just with new gaskets to seal it up and once I sell my wrx I'll find a 3tc to build and slowly convert to efi
  7. Hey there everybody, I just joined the forum today to try and find some info. I recently bought a TE38 a couple weeks ago for a new project/daily driver. I don't know much about these cars, and I'm just starting in the automotive program at my school, so I have alot of questions. The engine idles pretty rough and leaks here and there. I'm planning on rebuilding the engine on somewhat of a budget. I'm going to order a new weber for it tomorrow since the old original carb is pretty shot. Anyways, I was looking for any advice for rebuilding the engine. I just want it to not leak oil and run well. This is what I have so far for a parts list: re ring kit (what size rings if I'm using stock pistons?), timing set, water pump, fuel pump, oil pump, engine mounts, transmission mount. Is there anything else I need, or anything I can skip out on? I'm on a pretty tight budget since I'm a college student. *Also is there any specific brands I should buy?* All my friends who are datsun fanatics tell me to never use american made parts on a japanese car. They suggested I use an OSK brand timing set and not Cloyes or any other brand that I had found. Also, I believe I may need to change my pilot bearing. Before shifting into reverse, I have to shift into a high gear first so it wont grind and I also have to be careful about shifting into 2nd. Could a bad pilot bearing cause this? Thanks for any help.
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