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  1. Car is tentatively gone, pending a call back. Thanks for everyones interest
  2. T-18 corolla rolling shell, free to anyone who can pick it up from Bendigo this week. This has been my donor car so has been picked at, The gearbox is gone but most of the other stuff is there. Feel free to message or call me for further details. Cleighton - o4oo o8o 723
  3. Here's a basic build thread of my T18 Corolla. Pretty basic build to start with, really it's just something to occupy my time. Started out as a paddock basher and had been attacked by the blokes grand kids with about 6 coats of rattle can race paint. I picked her up for $300 with no vision as to where i wanted her to end up. Still don't know now haha. I'll let the photos do most of the talking, with brief descriptions to go along. Hope you enjoy the thread!
  4. Hi Stuart, I'm in Bendigo. This seems convenient :) Would you be willing to part with some parts or the whole car? What condition is it in?
  5. Hi, desperately in need of a T18 bonnet and drivers door and any other parts somebody might have. contact Cleighton: 040008072three thanks in advance!
  6. G'day, Does anyone know if a KE70 bonnet will fit a TE72? I just bought a TE72 and i'm in the process of fixing the body. A changeover bonnet would be so much easier than repairing the one thats on there. Along with that the does the front apron fit too? Thanks in advance
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