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  1. Hi all, we have a KE35 with a 4A and T50. What speedo cable do we need as the KE35 one inner cable seems to short to go into the box properly. Regards, Glenn
  2. Hi Banjo, thanks for the reply. We do have a small blinker on top of the guard directly above the side blinker that you have circled. I've attached a pic.
  3. Hi all ,does anyone know where I can buy beg or steal the small blinker globe on the top of the guard on a KE35. None of the auto shops or Jaycar were able to help. Regards, Glenn
  4. Hi everyone, I'm after the beaver panel for a KE70 or probably AE71. We had a little bit of drama at Winton recently. Further to this if anyone has the complete front they are willing to cut off we would like that also. What I mean by complete front, it's the front panel with the radiator support panel and bottom brace. It would need to be cut off right near the guards. Also we have just bought a KE35 and need the passenger sun visor whitish in colour. Hopefully you can see the two pics that I have attached. Regards, Glenn
  5. Hi, We have a KE70 race car with boot pins. We have just bought a rear lip and the pins have to go to fit it. I need the locking mechanism, lock and key. If you have them, would you sell them, and if so, how much please! Regards, Glenn
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