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  1. Hi, I'm selling my 1979 Corolla Liftback. The car is in amazing condition and has only done 119,000 km. Its essentially had one owner (other than me) and has been excellently preserved. Runs like a dream. Very very straight. Original paint near perfect. Only one small area of rust in door. Suspension recently renewed with King springs and 4 x munro shockies / struts. Start first time every time, engine done very little work. Interior good however dash has cracks in it. Corolla enthusiasts dream. Never seen one of these in this condition. Selling as I need a 4wd for my boat. Registered and recently roadworthied. Inspection welcome in Milton, Queensland Looking for $3000 ono Call Ben on 0403424101 for more information.
  2. Hi Guys, Ive just purchased a 1978 ke50 liftback that has the front springs cut and the rear leaf springs flipped (properly). I enjoy the look but don't like the rigid feel on the road (too stiff over bumps) My question is, are the springs / suspension in general, the same as the ke 55 coupe/ sedan? Are they interchangable? Also, I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with the lowered springs. I enjoy the lowered look but don't like the feel of the current setup. Thanks for any input, regards, Ben
  3. Its acutally the vinyl casing on top that I'm talking about. Mine is destroyed by the sun! thanks, Ben
  4. Some great food for thought here. Thanks. I've actually got a second 4k sitting there that came with the car. Might start tinkering with that while I do the body. Will post photos soon.
  5. Ok. My budget is about $2000. I'm becoming more mech savvy but wouldn't call myself competent. I learn quickly though. For that reason I don't want too hard a project. I don't mind having to change other components of the car, but I'd like to keep it on the cheap side because the body itself needs a couple grand thrown at it too. I'm not much of a rev head, just like cruising with a bit of guts. I've also read on here that you can get good results thinking with the 4k? Is it worth just investing more time and money into my 4k or will the time and money be better invested into something else? I'm not too worried about keeping it original either. Oh and I should mention that it's a manual.
  6. I'm new to the wonderful world of corollas and I'd like to know what is the best engine for my ke55 coupe. These are my priorities: - Want a relatively straight forward conversion ( nothing too crazy) - I don't need anything too powerful, just hoping for more grunt than my 4k . Any ideas?
  7. So I could get bumpers, mirrors and dash off any KE model?
  8. Hey guys, Ive just brought a 1978 Ke 55 Coupe for $1600. I had one years ago and always wanted another one so this is my news project. Unfortunately I need a bunch of parts to get it up to scratch and I'm wondering how interchangable the parts area between the different KE models,and the Sedans/coupes/wagons. At the moment I'm focusing on the body. The parts I need are: front and rear bumper bars front and rear seats left and right wing mirrors. dash board Is it possible to take these parts from other KE models? Thanks
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