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  1. Hi! i have a ke70 which I'm planning to fit mc carbs to. the question is, Will the classic looking headers that you can buy from australia fit in my engine bay? I have a left hand drive ke70. So Will the headers clear the steering? something like that one in my car that looks like this in the engine bay Hope you get what i mean. thanks in advance. //dennis from Sweden
  2. Thanks! I will try som leverage on it and try to spin it while going on with the hammer. maybe an ordinary screw clamp will do the job and pushing it out. And yes i have sprayed it with wd40 (and swedens most used similar product) but nu luck. //Dennis
  3. Hi all! I'm trying to remove the panhard rod from the ke70. But i fail on the right hand side. The nut is off but i can't get the bolt out. it spins with almost no problem but i can't get it out off the rod or mount. I have tried to warm it up and i have hammered on it like a bastard but no luck. am i missing something? or is the bolt suppose to just slide out but mine is stuck in the bushing or something? any help is much appriciated. is violence the way to go or is there a trick to this? Hope my english skills is good enough. thanks// Dennis
  4. two posts is better then none! thanks man, ill Think i buy them and see wht happens.
  5. hey guys and Girls! I have an opportunity to buy a bridge with 4 carbs pretty cheap. what i wonder is,what size is the oem carb fo the 4k-c Engine? will quad 30mm be too small? thanks in advance and sorry for my poor Spelling. //Dennis
  6. greetings from sweden :) looking good! what kind of engine are you planning on using? where in norway do you live? are you coming to gatebil mantorp aswell? takk og hej! //Dennis
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