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  1. Unfortunately, it is a bad unit. I retried after the car was running with new points and condenser. checked thebaseplate to make sure there was proper contact etc and nothing. Ill keep the point setup for now looks like.
  2. @Banjo @altezzaclub Gentleman, I want to thank you very much for helping out with troubleshooting my cars issue. I was able to finally get it running today. So when my car initially stopped running, I had assumed the points and condenser had gone out as per the symptoms. Instead of replacing like for like, I decided to upgrade and installed a Accuspark electric ignition system. However, this did not fix the no start/no spark problem. After replacing the Coil, spark plug wires, almost all electrical connectors related to the ignition, new battery, rotor, cap, resistor etc, I was still having problems of no spark. Also removed and inspected the distributor and gears and changed the grounding strap as well as updated to new additional grounds to the block and head. I then decided to change back to the point/condenser ( brand new ones of course) to get a baseline. After a few cranks and testing for spark, this car is now running. I just need to reset my timing but it runs strong. I am suspecting that the Accuspark ignition was a DOA for me and will be checking in with the seller for a replacement. Thank you once again. Let me know if I can be of any future assistance for you guys from here in California Moe
  3. Thank you for a detailed response. I've looked over all the things and to eliminate the wiring I did a bench test of the coil out of the car. I wired in the coil positive to the battery, the spark plug to the coil high voltage wire, and grounded the plug to the battery negative. From the coil negative terminal , i ran a wire and touched it to the spark plug body. I get the electric sparks where I touch the spark plug, however I DO NOT GET any spark at the spark plug electrodes at all. This is really stumping me. I tried the Old coil and wires, and I also tried with new coil and wires. Both are behaving same. I followed this process and exactly wired up like that.
  4. Thank you for the response. This problem actually started while the points were in the dizzy. After troubleshooting, and no start, I decided to then convert to the electronic spark setup for ease and better performance, however the issue still exists. The wires are brand new and properly terminated as well. Continuity checks out as I've done all of those basic checks. I'll echeck everything regardless. Thanks.
  5. Thank you very much for the response. I will try the spark the way you suggested. What I noticed with a spark plug testers is this : When I connect the plug tester in line with the high voltage coil wire and the cap, and as soon as I turn the ignition on, I see the light in the tester light up for a second, however that is it. It goes off after that or non existent during cranking.
  6. 1974 Corolla / TE-21 / Peanut 2TC Engine / 4 spd Issue : After driving around the day before it no longer wants to start. What does it do ? : Cranks , Has electricity everywhere it needs, No blown fuses , good battery and cables. Has fresh gasoline and a new working fuel pump and filter. What have I done so far after the issue started? 1. Converted to electronic ignition ( problem started prior to this ) 2. New OEM rated coil and resistor ( I verified with other coil and same issue ) 3 Spark plug wires 5. Verified/inspected Cap and Rotors (OHM meter and resistance checks as well as continuity) 6 . Tested each and every electrical circuit ( I used the search information here and followed all advices already) 7. Coil has power during cranking ( +positive terminal ) 8. Coil has full circuit power at -Negative terminal after out from Distributor side. 9. Battery voltage noted during cranking, lowered voltage noted after resistor 10. Tested Spark at each plug and wire including directly from coil. ( No SPARK ) 11. The distributer spins normally from my visual check. The rotor spins around as the motor is cranking. it is still the OEM distributor. 12, Verified fuel is being pumped by removing the hose and cranking the motor. Can anyone please provide a bit of additional insight to this problem? I've gone through the wiring schematics, rechecked the above list of items 3 or 4 times and answered the same questions on some other forums over and over again. I am at a dead end trying to figure this out so hopefully somebody can help out , please. I'll gladly send you money for a drink if your suggestion fixes this Thanks - Moe
  7. Hello Gents/Ladies Te21 Vs Ke2x I'm here in US and own a 1974 Corolla - labelled Te-21 ( Deluxe 2 door model with 4 speed transmission and 2TC 1.6L motor.) I am trying to find parts and always see these models bundled together. I would like to know what are the differences if any, so I can buy the correct parts to restore. I've looked on Wiki for comparison but they still fall under the same grouping. I would like to know the difference/similarities in the front cross member area so I can order the right parts/kits for a motor swap as well as any other interchangeable suspension items. Thank you in advance. Great site. Moe
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