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  1. happy birthday!!!!!!!!!

  2. Item: Number Plates, Pink Writing on Silver BackGround, 50-URS (so yours), slimline one for front Location: Sunshine Coast/Brisbane Item Condition: Excellent Reason for Selling: Getting new plates Price and Payment Conditions: $415 (this is the price on ppq) Extra Info: got an extra back one aswell haha Pictures: Contact Details: Lisa 0422 403 688 or email [email protected]
  3. *~* 50-urs Rolla *~*

    yeah well i don't know about that but nice dark tint and pink paint job would be sweet.. anyway.. lol lowering is next..
  4. Any Upcoming Rolla Cruises?

    i would be all up for a cruise early new year!!!
  5. *~* 50-urs Rolla *~*

    no real updates just yet sorry.. took off the mudflaps like suggested looks pretty cool.. lowering is on the way aswell.. it really needs a paint job though.. .. ..
  6. Saturday Night Cruising???

    hey does anyone head down to broadwater on saturday nights??? I'm heading down tonight and just wanted to see if there was anyone else heading down.. .. ..
  7. *~* 50-urs Rolla *~*

    awesome well my plates have been on a blue Nissan Pintara, my woo and now the Rolla so yeah they get around :jamie: whats ur car like ill be sure to look out for ya..
  8. Ke30 Lolla The Corolla

    haha thats f**kin gold..
  9. *~* 50-urs Rolla *~*

    haha LOL sorry i was kinda out of it i had a shit of a day so sorry (and thanks aswell), they arent on the car YET but they will be soon.. also I'm just waiting for the boss kit i ordered to arrive to stick on my steeringwheel, its been through all 3 cars with me :) i love it.. and some tint.. then comes the lowering and yes pink is my favourite colour so ill see how i go with choosing a colour for paint.. oh and of course as soon as i get the papers to say i own the car ill be putting my plates on too..
  10. Auto Salon Brisbane 2006

    haha i don't get the whole tv screens in stupid places either.. and i LOVE that meteor its HOTT as!!!
  11. *~* 50-urs Rolla *~*

    thanks.. and yeah night shades was $20 and i did the lanos lights like heaps coz they were black and got these ones pretty black so it goes a long way.. .. ..
  12. *~* 50-urs Rolla *~*

    haha sweet, paints not the best though.. a nice new paint job wouldnt look bad.. .. as for the brake lights just go to super cheap and get the night shades stuff and spray the lights.. sticker looks good how do i go about getting one in pink? (the www.rollaclub.com one for the back windscreen)
  13. *~* 50-urs Rolla *~*

    lol yeah the Lanos isnt everyone's choice in cars but oh well its going now.. so i got the wheels put on it yesturday and tinted the lights so i thought i'd put up a couple of pics i took this morning until i get some better ones.. if it passes your judgement i wouldnt mind a sticker.. where can i see pics of stickers?
  14. Wtb(bris): Ae82 Parts

    Hi! i am looking for * both drivers door hinges * Inside drivers door handle *windscreen wipers (whole thing) * Passenger side mirror (if they exsist) Contact me (Lisa) on: [email protected] or 0422 403 688
  15. *~* 50-urs Rolla *~*

    well.. i am selling my Lanos and i wanted something new to play around with so i got a: 1988 Carolla AE82 Sedan Ugly Sky Blue LOL 5 Speed newly reconditioned motor new clutch new cv's looks nothing special atm.. BUT the wheels from my Lanos are going on it next weekend, as well as the steering wheel i hope, as well as an exhaust in the very near future and a stereo, oh so many plans.. these are the wheels on my old baby i'm guessing it will be a slow process but it will get there eventually.. got no pics of the Rolla yet but i will before and after the wheels..