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  1. MichaelR31

    R31 Skyline Diff

    I have one for sale in Melbourne for $200 missing the center and diff gear. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/1176567804
  2. MichaelR31

    Ke30 coupe for sale

    This is a 2 door sedan not a coupé Regardless it's an absolute steal for that price. gl
  3. MichaelR31

    Urgent - Need Lower Thermostat Housing Suit 4K

    If this is the right one you are after it's in the super cheap auto parts guide @ http://www.supercheapauto.com.au/vehicle-search/parts-guide
  4. He does do a kit for a 3sgte in KE30, If you can't contact him through here message him on his facebook page https://www.facebook.com/KeConversions
  5. MichaelR31

    [WTB] VIC KE55 Parts

    I'm located Melbourne Western Suburbs, Closer the better, If you are interstate and able to post I may still be interested dependent on price. KE55 Brake Booster (to suit square type mc) KE35/55 Manual Pedal Box (Would much prefer KE55 because longer Hydro MC studs) KE30-55 Wiper Arms (I'm assuming they are all the same) KE30-55 Grille screw tabs (used to fasten the top of the grille to the radiator support) KE35/55 Coupe Drivers side front door and rear quarter window glass factory untinted. Cheers.
  6. MichaelR31

    Wtb: Ke35/55 Hardtop Coupé

    Got this factory white KE35 for a little under 3k, Been sitting for close to 10 years in undercoat and looks completely rust free, Going to get it sprayed the original color then do some sort of engine conversion. So no more need to bump this damn thread every month haha.
  7. MichaelR31

    Wtb: Ke35/55 Hardtop Coupé

  8. MichaelR31

    Wtb: Ke35/55 Hardtop Coupé

  9. MichaelR31

    Wtb: Ke35/55 Hardtop Coupé

  10. MichaelR31

    Wtb: Ke35/55 Hardtop Coupé

  11. MichaelR31

    Wtb: Ke35/55 Hardtop Coupé

  12. MichaelR31

    Ke3X-5X Silvia Struts & Brakes Upgrade?

    It's going on club rego but not going to be put sideways, At least for a while. So theres no way to get the steering good with the Silvia gear? Bugger I thought R33 GTS calipers in the front with R31 calipers on the R31 diff in the rear would have been a nice match up lol.
  13. I've researched a lot about brake upgrades and was most likely going to go XT130/RT132 as it is probably the most common upgrade. But then I seen on the main wiki page Silvia brakes & struts is a "fairly straightforward swap" but from what I have found everywhere else they are actually far from it. I figured if it's made it to the wiki page it must have some truth to it, Reason for considering it is that you can pickup Silvia coilovers and brakes for throw away change compared to going the Corona route. The info is on this page: http://www.rollaclub...ont_Disc_Brakes Silvia/200sx struts, brakes. This is apparently a fairly straightforward swap. For some photos, look at Craig's Datsun 1200 on Planet FookStar If using Silvia/200sx struts, then the many many brake upgrade options from there (Skyline etc) Unfortunately the website is down so I can't find any photos. Any info greatly appreciated cheers.
  14. MichaelR31

    Wtb: Ke35/55 Hardtop Coupé

    Hi, As per the title I'm looking to buy a KE35 or KE55 Hardtop Coupé, I'm only interested in ones with none or easily repaired rust or dents. Would prefer a Manual but will consider Automatic's too. I'm located in Victoria but am willing to fly anywhere in Australia and then drive it back if it's the right one for the right price. Not too bothered if the paint is old, scratched or faded, Just as long as it is a straight base. You can contact me on 0459 743 EIGHT NINE SIX, Preferably text as I am regularly driving a truck and will not be able to answer the phone.