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  1. Such a good write up. Good to know what to expect.
  2. 8s! Wow. I reckon I might have to keep a spare pair of undies in the boot if I was driving!
  3. Awesome. Thanks mate. I really appreciate your help
  4. This looks awesome. Thanks for the pics. can't wait to see it on the road
  5. Thanks for that mate. Thanks for that. The mx5 engine isn't a bad idea. Finding an engine that fits without too much hassle is becoming harder than finding the car! Appreciate your help.
  6. Hi all, I'm new to the site and was looking for some help. Has anyone attempted or succeeded in converting a ke20 with a Lexus 2JZ-GE engine? The other options I've thought about are the 86/BRZ engine or a 20v 4age but the 4age are almost impossible to source. Your help is appreciated. Cheers Chris
  7. Hi mate, loooong shot, but is this car still available?
  8. Hi mate, is this car still available?
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