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  1. thanks for your input mate much appreciated
  2. Hi I’m not expecting anyone’s time and knowledge for nothing I’m happy to pay $200 a day !!
  3. Hey all just to be straight up I’ve just got out of jail a couple of weeks ago and can’t afford to take it back to the bloke who was doing the conversion . As the title says it’s a ke20 with a ca18det . I’m only good with the basics when it comes to wiring I’m clueless lol... so what’s done so far is ~ *motor and box installed with ke conversion kit * brake booster and master cylinder moved to front side of drivers side strut tower and new lines ran, to make way for the hydraulic clutch set up which is done and new clutch installed . * tail shaft done and balanced * new 2 1/2 inch exhaust from turbo back * from what I can tell it looks like he has roughed in the wiring harness and that’s as far as it got then the car was towed to my daughters garage when I got locked up. * other parts I have that will need to be fitted are ~ FMI kit, aluminium radiator , gauges kit of 5 , digital boost control/timer , silicone hose kit . * it has bigger front brakes fitted and also a stronger diff , they where in the car when I brought it but I can’t remember what they where out of apparently the car use to have a 2ltr supercharged motor in it , there’s also a big fuel pump set up in the boot..... So that’s the run down , I need HELP !!! Lol. Maybe one day a weekend or night whatever suits you . I will pay cash and supply drinks and a feed for each day or night we work I’m not working at the moment so can work any day at the moment and whoever helps can have the first run down the quarter at eastern creek ! . The car is located at ST.MARYS WESTERN SYDNEY . So plz if u can help or maybe someone you know don’t hesitate in messaging me here or txt me on 0424 203 290 and I will call you . thanks for reading this and fingers crossed!!lol... cheers Brad...
  4. UHi I’m after the 2 plastic louvers behind the bonnet , in front of the wipers , also the pair of plastics on the c pillar one of which covers the petrol cap and also the 2 rear pop out windows preferably with the hardware ( nuts bolts and latches to close the windows) ... I own a 1972 ke20 coupe. Cheers to anyone that can help . Brad... you can msg me here or contact me on 0424 203 290.
  5. Hi mate I’m new here 1st post . Love your ride, I’ve got a 72 ke 20 with the ca18det as well mines in the build now . Txt me if you can some time plz and maybe we can catch up so I can chew your ear off. Lol. 0424 203 290. Cheers Brad
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