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  1. I stumbled across this video, of a guy mating a 2az-fe onto a variant of the j160/az6 box. He made an adaptor plate. It looks like a good guide, for anyone that's interested in diy'ing their own plate.
  2. Ahh Ok, thanks for the info mate. If that's the case, then I'm guessing you could theoretically plonk either of those engines + the box complete, straight into an is200, and vice versa. That would be an especially good swap for the rx8, as those rotary engines don't last long, and guzzle fuel. I guess the only way to know for sure, if the 2az-fe would fit, is to mate it upto the box, and see.
  3. I think the standard model car, with an open diff, has a slightly longer ratio, than the sport models, and auto's. I've heard of people fitting the automaric diff, for better acceleration. The sport models have an lsd diff, better for skids. That gearbox also goes by the name AZ6. Any idea if the AZ number, relates to bolt pattern ? The 2az-fe engine I have is automatic, so I'll need a flywheel, and clutch, to convert it to manual
  4. Much appreciated for the tutorial lesson. I will try and assimilate all that info, and hopefully my neanderthal brain can make some sense of the coding terminology. Now that you mention, the 'F'.. I remember now, thats the economy version. I used to have a 1.8 7afe in a celica, economy head, and another celica, with a 2.0 3sge, performance head. I've heard people say that rs200 box is hard to get hold of, here in England, but I will have a look, and see. It's possibly more expensive than my car, haha. I see what you're saying now, about the cold side starter. Away from the exhaust
  5. Are you taking about the Japanese version of the is200? The Altezza, with the 3sge engine. I think the starter motor is on the opposite side. When you say G pattern, is that the first letter after the number ? 1'G'-FE you mean ? So the 2az-fe, is 'A' pattern, if I'm right ? Sorry to sound ignorant, I'm a vauxhall man myself, and don't know what the engines codes stand for. I only know the 'T' stands for turbo. Same with Nissan I believe 25DE'T' for instance.
  6. Great project mate. I've scanned through the whole thing, over the last 2 weeks. Lots of work done. Can you help me with some info please, if poss. I have a 2az-fe, and I'm thinking about fitting it into a lexus is200. Pull the heavy 6 cyl. Iron block out, for a lightweight 4 cyl. Aluminium engine, with an extra 400cc, pretty much the same sort of thing you've done on yours. Any idea if the 2az-fe, will bolt onto the J160 gearbox in the is200 ? That car has a 1G-FE engine. I've searched Google loads, but can't find any info on gearbox bolt pattern measurements, to see if its shares dimensions.
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