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  1. Or is 15x7 +38 a bit more realistic? I don't mind if the wheels stick out of the guards.
  2. Just wondering how these will fit 15x8 +25 offset on a AE92 seca. Will I need spacers? I'm guessing the rear will need some spacers? Thanks in advance.
  3. hahaha I remember that car, welcome.
  4. Miggy


    Yes you sure did! I have seen you at the same intersection before and I'm always like, I'm 99% sure that's Damo hahahaha. The rolla is looking good!
  5. 330rwhp single turbo 1991 JZZ30 soarer, manual $12 000 ono (will consider swap for reliable sub-$2k daily plus cash) http://antilag.com/forums/showthread.php?t=26819 For sale: 86 MZ20 Soarer 2jz conversion Condition: Average (body) Awsome (engine) Price: $16000 ONO Conversion Was done in 2005 and has been fully engineered with mod permit. $$$ Spent Putting 445hp @ 18ps. Tuned by Top Racing & Barries Dyno http://antilag.com/forums/showthread.php?t=26785
  6. SSS vs JZA70 is even easier, the supra!!!!!!!!! dumps + exhaust + 16 psi + a piggyback computer you will have 300rwhp! To get 300rwhp out of a SSS would be a allot harder you would need a fairly large turbo. But even with allot of power you wouldn't be able to get it to the ground being FWD. FWD vs RWD not a hard choice there either. But like Chris said you need to find out what you want out of the car, if you want a cheap fast car that will be reliable get the supra :lolcry:
  7. Easy choice!!!! jza70 supra but make sure you get a Twin turbo R with the 1jz!
  8. [email protected] 18Psi Ok NOW its time for 20v in the rolla hahahaha.
  9. The gold corolla hatch back? That thing is turbo! I'm pretty sure its one of the very rare factory turbo's as well seeing as it was gold and had the sportivo bodykit.
  10. WOW just wow.....Where where you guys? I saw your rolla's but not any of you I went up to your cars a few times but no one was home :P ...Then at Kings park me and 2 more aristo's parked opposite to you, as us toyota owners need to stick together with so many Nissans around! But still I didnt see any of you guys. Anyway pretty big cruise...just wow
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