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  1. hey got a 1973 ke20 corolla and a heap of ke20 spares so if your chasing something send me pm thanks happy to post smaller items. :thumbsup:
  2. hi mate ill take them if you re willing post to Ballina nsw 2478 thanks mate
  3. what ever happened to this car is it still around....
  4. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/4AGE-Black-Top-20V-RWD-Engine-Wiring-Harness-ECU-KE-Corolla-AE-Corolla-/271876641292?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item3f4d1c520c
  5. Hey guys n girls, I live in Ballina northern nsw and I'm chasing a ke20 corolla has to be running and driveable, as I need motor box tail shaft wiring and a few other electrical bits couldn't careless about the interior, body condition or rego as long as it starts and goes so I can finish my car, willing to travel as long as its not to far, cash ready to go. shoot me a pm and let me know what u got, thanks
  6. hey jacob, how much you want for the master cylinder, slave cylinder and line . and maybe the tail shaft. thanks
  7. Ill take the gearbox off your hands if you wana seperate.
  8. Hi guys going a diffrent way with the ke20 so I'm sellin the 5k with the k50. I bought this set up off springersrolla about six months ago. ive never had it running but he asured me it was a good runner when he had it. As far as i know its a standared 5k with a 3k carby fitted and rejetted, also has a set of extractors fitted, a bigger alternator off a pintara i think he said and an eletronic dizzy with a k50 fitted to suit ke20. located in ballina. chasing $500 what i paid for it. will add some pics soon.
  9. hi guys chasing a 4age in running condition and a t50 gearbox also in good condition. engine loom and ecu would be nice. between brisbane and grafton thanks in advanced.
  10. hi man just wondering if you still had the rwd inlet manifold for sale if so how much for the manifold ecu and loom posted to ballina nsw 2478 thanks man.
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