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  1. thanks pasty real helpfull, guess i should learn to read huh
  2. registered with the 4age? rust? its not red is it, might of seen it around blacks rd?
  3. do ya have anything in 16" or 15" 4x114.3?
  4. hey do u still have the rims? are they they the solid brake burner style? or the cross pattern?
  5. does she have any rust? interested in swaps for an 1990 audi 80?
  6. interested in swaps? for an audi?
  7. bump, also updated swaps, interested in almost anything, just have to ask
  8. would you be at all interested in swaps for this ke11? http://www.rollaclub.com/board/index.php?showtopic=41582
  9. brandon_rolla_kid. no i will not take 1800.
  10. sorry guys car has NOT been sold. will be replying to all e-mail/ PM's tonight 3ske70 Ridiculous offer. not even going to bother.
  11. what are the specs on your ke70? year, model, transmission, how many k's, regularly serviced, rust, interior, any mods? thanks
  12. Warm 5k -full rebuild around 18000 miles ago -4ke fuel injection -ported head - 1/2 race cam -extractors -AE82 radiator with twin factory thermo fans -5 speed -complete KE20 diff -AE92 Master cyliner and Power boosted brakes -KE55 front dics -KE20 rear drums -KE20 front cross member -KE20 front struts (no transverse leaf spring) -Gas shocks all round -Custom lowered and tuned springs front and back -Custom heavy duty front sway bar, rear sway bar also Custom interior -RX7 front seats -KE20 deluxe rear seat -KE15 Sprinter door trims -Smiths tacho in factory dash -VDO gauges custom cluster -AE92 heater controls -Full KE20 wiring loom through car including hazards. -Retractable seat belts History:: built to pretty much as it is now in 95/96. It was a daily driver until early 2000's, covering less than 17k miles in that time. The Good Runs very well. Mechanically it is in great condition. An excellent daily driver or a mean little track car. It handles very well. Engine goes very well without being a rocket ship. The brakes are awesome! Recently I have fitted a new battery, new front tires, new headlights, indicator bulbs and wiper blades. Also has an awesome alpine cd deck with full ipod connectivity and 4 speakers(6x9"s rear and 6" rounds in the doors) The Bad As you can see in the photos it has some different colored front guards. small amount of surface rust on the front guards. rust around the left rear vent (near rear passenger window) The rest of the body is essentially straight and rust free. There are some rust bubbles under the paint on some panels but nothing major. There has not been any paint or bog for 25 years, so what you see is what you get. Recently had it at a mechanics and he said it needed new ball joints, outer tie rod ends. he also discovered it was using more fuel than it should be and suggested it could be efi computer or the injectors. also comes with a bunch of spares including: sticky hoosier semi slicks, and 4x mazda 626 rims spare rear lights etc (see pics the car has reg till mid feb would also consider swaps + cash my way for a daily drive. Asking $2800o.n.o, not registered. interested in swaps also, small 4 cylinder along the lines of a ae82-92, nissan pulsar, suburu liberty. may consider swaps for larger car also. show me what ya got Contact: PM or this thread. or [email protected]
  13. dan, no worries ill give ya a call on monday or later tonight, family is visiting and i don't have time at the moment. when is good on monday? thanks alex`
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