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  1. yeah pretyt much was a sprint day but the dorimons drift club was out there having a go even though they only got bout 20 mins track time
  2. thats true anyone going to levels for the racing and the drift demo(i thgink its still happening)
  3. no i am not 4drft where u from.. i didnt choose to live here
  4. I'm from a little town called ashburton (more commonly known as ashvegas)(or that place between timaru and christchurch, lol
  5. oh come on fellas dnt judge a book by its cover
  6. come on 8 views and no one posts back ... disapointed
  7. drift king


    seeings as I'm the new person i thought id try and get this part of the forums moving with a simple queston and answer session what kinda car u got where u from general info me I'm 17 currently own n 84 corolla liftback first car can't complain i could probably write more but I'm 2 lazy i want a ke30/ke20 if any one has one let me no cheers
  8. thankyou very much for ur time ill make sure information is put to good use cheers ears
  9. well i live in newzealand in the south island ashburton to be exact we have been getting solid frosts in the morning for the past month and i dnt think we have had higher than than 15 degrees in the last week
  10. well luckily my grandad and father own a elsctric hoist so score will check for that anything about that engine or electrics that are abit dodgy.. am a newbie to the whole buying cars this will be my first bought on my own accord and 2nd corolla
  11. as I'm looking to purchase a stock version of one of these but don't no a hell of alot about them, i would really like to know what i should look out for when looking at these, also stuff that can go wrong and general info that may be of some help cheers the drfit king...
  12. wanted to buy: running corolla ke30 in the south island under 1 grand any info pm me cheers
  13. yeah man I'm down here in ashburton lol
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