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  1. Hey Andrew - are the flares still available?
  2. Hi Peter, Sorry, didn't see this until now. In any case, my grandfather-in-law is using the gearbox. He's using the whole drivetrain, it was only the body that he was not using. All parts have now been accounted for. Thank you
  3. My grandfather-in-law is building a hotrod of sorts, and bought a KE20 wagon for the engine and drivetrain etc. As such, he now has some KE20 wagon parts that he does not need. He was going to send them all to the dump but I thought someone on here might want some of the bits. Basically, bonnet, tailgate, passenger front and rear doors. No rust that I could see, they look to be in pretty good condition. Baby poo brown. Drivers side were a bit dinted and probably not worth anything to anyone. Front guards have a bit of rust at the bottoms, usual spots. The actual body of the car has been mostly cut up, so not much to salvage there. There's things like steering wheel and instrument cluster, but no idea on condition. Also have the original toolkit and I think he also has the original books etc. Located at the Sunshine Coast (Maroochydore). I know the rules say I have to specify a price, but I have absolutely no idea what any of this is worth, but if you're interested, let me know and I'm sure we can work out something. Contact me here, or 0421 123248. Thanks.
  4. Apparently the price was a typo :( I thought it sounded too good to be true :( I've updated the price in the original post.
  5. On hold for now, thanks for your interest!
  6. This isn't mine, I'm posting it for a friend of a friend of a friend: Brief description: 1980 Toyota Corolla KE55 4spd Manual White, green interior 3rd owner, running condition Odometer: 175 758 I believe she wants $1750 I believe the car is in Brisbane. I'm not on here much these days, so please txt me on 0421 123248, or send me a message here (and hopefully I'll get a notification!)
  7. Are the T50's the early T50 (with the forward shifter) or late T50 (with the rearward shifter)?
  8. These seats are still available :) They'll be going to the dump soon though, if no one wants them...
  9. I should probably mention that these pretty much bolt onto standard KE55 rails, IIRC you need to drill 2 new holes in the rails, and everything else just bolts together :)
  10. I've got a pair of front seats out of an XT130 Corona (blue velour). Has one set of rails. I used to have this in my KE55 Corolla. FREE! Located in Ipswich.
  11. ps: Who bought them, so we can hassle them to get copies made? :) Or, if they don't know how/don't have time/can't be bothered then we can work out how we can get them copied together :)
  12. Photo please :) Front and rear if possible :) Also, with the amount of interest on this thread, you could easily get a fibreglasser to copy them and sell them :) Or if you don't do it, whoever buys these should! Me??? :D
  13. Out of interest, what did you have to do to fit the rear ones? Did you cut out your inner guards etc?
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