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  1. ke70 xx

    Ke70 Headlight Surrounds

    After some headlight surrounds for me ke70 as mine are cracker. It is a flat front. Would prefer local but may go interstate depending whats available. Cheers, Troy.
  2. ke70 xx

    Ke70S In Thailand

    Hey all I'm going to Thailand this sunday and I was wondering if there is anywhere I can check out there corollas and possibly pick up some cool parts, like a well known workshop or possibly a wreckers or something like that. I'm staying near phuket so I'm hoping there is something close by I can have a look at and if I'm lucky score some cool parts. Any help is appreciated. Cheers, Troy.
  3. ke70 xx

    Red Ke70 Xx

    Long story short. Bought this corolla of an old man about 5 years ago for 1400 bucks. Drove it stock for a while then got sick of monster truck height so lopped the springs and got defected. Got off defect after about a month of getting it to regency spec and slowly its getting towards exactly the way I want it. Ive got a 180 for a daily so this is now mainly track car undefected so it can be walk in rego'd. Engine- JDM 4age 16valve HKS Mushroom Filter Thermo JDM T50 Exedy Heavy Duty Clutch Suspension- Rear- 4.5kg springs Excel G Sierras Shocks Ajps Panhard Rod LSD (Locked Standard Diff) Whiteline Rear Swaybar Front- AJPS Coilovers With Excel G inserts AJPS RCA's Cusco Camber Tops XT130 LCA's AJPS Lock Spacer AJPS Tie Rod Ends Some polyurethane bushes Interior- Momo deep dish wheel on HKB Boss kit Removed sound deadening, seats, carpet etc Gauges (on the way) Random Seat from JZX81 I'm told Wheels- 14x7 Work Equip 03s up front with RE001s 14x7.5 Wantanabes with random bridgestones Plans- Quads Again Madhouse lip 13s New rack (Old ones busted from a stack) Tie Rod Ends (Old ones worn out according to wheel aligner) Castor Rods Front Swaybar Fixed back seat Turbo or Bit of work N/A style. Cams, better computer etc. Bunch of old and new photos in there.
  4. Ive decided ill only swap for 13s or sell if I find some 13s as the swaps didnt work out.
  5. I have a set of wheels on my car that I may need to move in order to purchase some wheels in sizes ive always wanted. They are currently pending swaps but in the case the swap isnt accepted I would like to have these ready to sell so I can purchase the wheels I want. If the wheels I'm after sell before these I will be removing these from sale. Since a price is a must I have listed prices I will sell for if the time comes. 1: Work Equip 03 Copies wrapped with re001s, 0 Offset, $350 2: Wantanabes Wrapped with random Bridgestones, Not sure on offset, $350 Pictures below. Message 0426261243 for more photos if needed and any questions. Located In Adelaide, Western Suburbs
  6. ke70 xx

    Brandnew Oem Ke70 Quadlights Parts

    Never received a PM could you chuck me another one please. Cheers.
  7. ke70 xx

    Brandnew Oem Ke70 Quadlights Parts

    PM me bumpers price and quads price please. Am scouting ATM that's all.
  8. Car has been found down Marion way and apparently is okay. Picking it up with him tonight. Thanks for all the help! Hopefully this happens to no one else.
  9. Thanks mate. Hopefully it gets found but I don't like the odds. Hopefully they upgrade the security at the tafe to so it happens to no one else.
  10. Mate has had his evo 7 stolen from regency tafe today around 1oclock. Its a white evo 7 with white wheels, and no spoiler and also black mud flaps. It also has black xx plates. Were just trying to make it known incase a bunch of parts etc turn up or its seen driving around anywhere. If its seen anywhere, anytime call Chris on 0433196809 and he will be at the phone most hours of the day. Ive attached a photo below also. Any help is appreciated. Cheers, Troy.
  11. ke70 xx

    Toyota Corona 5Speed Manuel Sa

    Could you send me your number anyways just so we can have a quick chat about it? Just in a personal message. Cheers.
  12. ke70 xx

    Toyota Corona 5Speed Manuel Sa

    Do you want to sell this or nah? Sent you a pm on may 16 and heard nothing back. Is it sold or not. Cheers.
  13. ke70 xx

    13 Inch Enkei

    How wide are they?
  14. Keen on the coils man. Whens good to suss/pick them up?