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  1. hi pete redwarf sold them in Brisbane I looked everywhere in the proximity where he said they went to no avail I know they were genuine cars and I was after them for that reason ... how do I re reach reddwarf ...cheers dave
  2. hi have you still got the wasp ? call me regards dave 0451 374003

  3. gday mate have you still got the wasp i have had a few belletts over the years just missed out on a i owner 36.000 mls car overrated condition what are you chasing for the car ? call me tomorrow if you like regards dave 0451 374003
  4. hi parrot i am chasing tool bag and tools ,handbrake glove fits between seats (its rubber) a parcel tray on passengers side ,interior light that works ,full exaust, and lastly chasing a cherry red colour trim front seats mainly some were black are they r/s ? or salvageable? has it got full isuzu trims or hucaps ...i apprecite your time and effort regards dave
  5. hi parrott thanks for your post i rang the wreckers they said mate weve got 5000 cars here wa wa wa do you know where about exactly i can google it or explain to the wreckers i am after fiddly bits the guys who own em keep the extra bits id apprecite another post if you are in the neighbourhood regards dave 0451 374003
  6. hi parrott is the bellett still there i rang the wreckers and was told they had 50.000 cars and didnt know if it was there or not wasnt really interested .... do you know where about in the yard it was i could google or have someone call regards dave
  7. hi i am chasing after a isuzu bellett anycondition ring dave 55943661 or 0451 374003
  8. hi is the bellett still there or where about in the yard was it
  9. Parts Desired: complete cars Your Location: gold coast i am trying to locate the 2 belletts sold by redwarf some 4 years ago they went to southside brisbane rob the previous owner had no details i am after a genuine car are they for sale or just stashed away ring me i am genuine call dave 0428 146438
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