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    Will you sell the clutch ? Aslo what type is it ?
  2. 3day and 2 hour bump people XP
  3. jazza02

    My Collection Of Old Junk

    wow i wish i could say i own that many ae86's. that's just awsome to see that someone is willing to take them in and take all the parts of them to atleast save some parts before the rest goe's to the scrap heap. better yet. that would make for a great garden ortiment
  4. jazza02

    The R31.

    haha " diff the knock's like the red cross" that is gold hahaha.. I love the rims on it. What offset are they ? they look like xxr's if I'm mistaken ?
  5. jazza02

    Ae82 Twinky

    Also with all the cracked pannels on the car i decided to go through good ol nanna's fabric bag. Came home with some fury tiger stuff hahaha.. It looks heaps better then the cracked and broken pieces. But i got abit carried awayu and started gluing it places i shouldn't be glued. Pics to show you why hahaha... But I'm having fun doing it and it;s more for a laugh then anything. OH and while i wa cleaning out the shed. I came arcoss brand spanking new rear calipers and front bearings for the car. Geeze i looked at the date on the reciept and reliased i sold my old corolla well over a year ago. i swear it seems longer then that lol.. OH HELLO SEXY NEW SPARE PARTS I FOUND ;)
  6. Well it's time i clear out under my bed... got all this unused car audio sitting there.. All the gear works etc etc... i can show working before you buy if you like... Location: I am located at dayboro area which is about 1hr north of brisbane. I am willing to post or meet half way if you require a item that cannot be posted. All other item's are picked up unless discussed other wise. HAPPY LOOKING PEOPLE :) ;) 1. Fusion 2ch 650watt amp, It's the newest model out and works really well. It does 2 x115rms @4ohm or 1x340rms @4ohm brigded to run a small sub. NOTE" one of the ends caps is missing, doesn't affect performance in anyway what so ever.. PRICE $120 ONO 2. Phenoix gold 2ch amp it does 2x35rms @4ohm, This is a mid 90's amp. Comes in orginal box. Really overrated looking amp. It's chrome and looks amazing. hard to find one of these floating around PRICE $150 ONO 3. JL W6 12" x 2 ... These are the first ever W6 made by JL one if used but barely just run it. the other one is overrated and still in it's box and plastic from new along with all the papers and that.. I have only used one for my home theatre to run it in, then was to scared to put it into a car.. They are DVC 6ohm and are really rare and i mean that lol not some sale gimick ..... PRICE $600 ONO for both 4. Soundstream SPL USA 6" splits, again these are from the mid 90's brand new in box and plastic again. neveer ever been used or powered up at all. They come with everything books,manual Xovers and tweeters and the rest. Again these are rare just like the JL's the find them unused in there orginal box.. PRICE $200 ONO 5. Eclipse 88100 titanium 10" SQL sub, this sub is a beast from the earlly 00's. it;s DVC3.1ohm 1000rms.. This sub pounds, and sound good while doing it.. It weighs a monster 15kg and stands as tall as a 1.25L coke bottle ( i think just under a slight) ... The cone being titanium has got a few dints from who know;'s where LOL but it still works and get's uber loud.. PRICE $350 ONO 6. Nissan R32 gtr calipers. FRONT PAIR ONLY. these aer really beefy lol. I bought them for my r31 but sold that and got stuck with these lol. they have pads, shims and all of that. ready to bold up to your old school rolla or modify them to fit your aeXX series like i had in mind lol... PRICE $250 ONO 7. Turbosmart single stage electronic boost controller. It's red works and comes with everything needed to hook up. PRICE $120 ONO 8. CA18det stainless steel manifold. this was from a front cut from japan ( so i was told) . bought it just because it was stainless steel LOL. it's low mount and is a must for any ca18det if you want extra power without going for topmount.. It improves power by upto 15% over stock.. so expect a decent kw gain. PRICE $120 ONO 9. Digital Design 9515F 15" sub, DVC2ohm 1500rms. This sub got me 145.6db in a civic sedan with 4500rms going to it. works a treat and gets so loud lol you will never need another sub again after this one. will come with it's own custom built ported box for local buyers only PRICE $550 ONO 10. Turbosmart Type II bov. i don't know what to say, as it;s blue and gold and was took of a working WRX lol PRICE $50 ONO If you need photo's please just PM or shot me a text on 0466 469 053 as i can't upload for some silly reason :'/ lol All items are located at dayboro 1hr north of brisbane. I am willing to post small items via Australia post. but the bigger items are pick up or meet half way Also I'm willing to trade for AE82 or 4age performacne parts too
  7. jazza02

    Red Racer, Ned Help With Valve Springs

    K&N make a direct pannel filter to fit into the stock ae82 box.... Works a treat
  8. jazza02

    4Age Clutch And 4X100 Rims

    I'm after a clutch for my ae82 4age corolla. Doesn't matter what it is. somthing decent would be a bonus... I don't want a clutch that is nearing it's life.. I want somthing with abit of meat on it.. I don't have a limit on what i want to spend. But can get a brand new button clutch for $365.. also I'm after 4 x100 stockies.. with or without tread.. I would prefer around the 15" if anyone has any ? but will settle for 14" PM on here for a quick response I'm on the northside of brisbane and don't really wanna travel to far LOL cause imma lazy bastard
  9. jazza02

    Ae82 Twinky

    well iv'e been asked by a few people to put up some pics of my newly bought ae82 twinky ;P Now this corolla is a far cry from what my old was like. Ksport coil overs with white line sways bars and so on..... This one is sorta ok, Well can;t complain for the price i bought it for Now it;s modified and stock at the same time hahaha. il start buy boring you with what is has got.... It;s got a bigport that has had a full strip down and rebuild. Cause it runs like a dreamm. when you put petrol in it Has a invisble clutch that wont let me drive it anymore has what the other owner told me was TRD headers with a full 2.25" exhaust high flow cat with a Fart tin out the back Has some Ipswich spec CAI, There are pics to show you why LOL has lowered suspension with some sort of aftermarket bushes Custom Blue and white interoir also i see abit of factory blue coming through the paint :'/ OH wait there's more lol need a alt bracket as the guy told me the belt was slipping and he had no idea how to fix. one look at the alt and was like crap haha and the rust fixed haha and front bar repainted to hide the red flaking through lol OH wait there's more, wholey crap my fingers are getting sore, The car has done a decent 477xxxkm LOL and no joke you can't even tell. To me i thnk it;s done 476xxxkm its in that good of condition lol That's about it. All i needs for roady is a clutch and a stock intake piping and box fitted and the massive poop hole they pushed in for the cai :S Here are a list of plans for what i wish to do to it.... If i ever finish my other project datto c210 K&N pannel filter bazda's coil overs ae92 seats, well somthing that doesnt colapse when a gust of winds hits it :'/ slotterd front rotors with some decent pads and better brake fluid ( ae101 superslut calipers) Replace the cannon with a 3" dumpipe a set of better leads and plugs (replace those crappy autobarn specils lol ) strip most of the interoir add a small sound system relocate battery to the boot some stainless steel valves nice set of crow cams adjustable cam gears
  10. jazza02

    Red Racer, Ned Help With Valve Springs

    there's nothing wrong with the stock intake system. Just whack a K&N pannel filter in. that's all i ran in mine and it was perfect. Gained more horse power then any POD system will. Just cut a round hole in the stock box then run abit of flexi pipe down to the front bar as you where going to do with the pod. Also this will stop rain getting the filter wet as your still keeping the stock box... As for cams don't bother unless your gonna spend money on getting the heads ported and flowed and what not. Just get a full exhaust system,better intake setup also better leads and plugs will do wonders. then when you have the money then you can pull down the motor.
  11. Parts:12" JVC sub 350rms DVC4ohm Condition:great, has been painted in silver mat Price: $100 with a ported box Location:Dayboro 1hr north of brisbane Contact: PM me
  12. 3 Day bump people, Need this gone
  13. jazza02

    Post Your Car Audio System !

    Il start off TOTAL SYSTEM COST: so far $6700 BATTERY:Century 380cca front Vision 780cca and optima blue top 980cca REAR HEADUNIT: EClipse CD1000 PROCESSORS/ETC:none FRONT SPEAKERS:2 sets of Digital design splits CENTRE SPEAKERS:MA audio 8" subwoofer REAR SPEAKERS:Focal coaxils SUBWOOFERS:Eclipse 88100ti 1000rms DVC3.1ohm AMPLIFIERS:Schneider spa7000x 4500rms+ @14.4V CABLING:15M of 0 guage and 4m of 8 guage and over 10m of speaker cable 10gauge SOUND DEADENING: none what so ever :P it has the ghetto rattle sound OTHER:front neons in foot well DB OUTPUT: 143.3 of a Option audio 1500rms amp. THen when i get my new sub i will hopefully hit 145+db