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  1. His all i want to buy a ke10 or ke11 perferably 90% complete or complete. Have cash waiting text or call on 0407984815
  2. hey all... wanting a ke10 or ke20 will take half finished projects? nothing rubbishy full of rust...? doesnt have to have engine or box aslong as the body and interior is good! I'm located in vic Send pics and info to jamie 0431373259
  3. hey peeps! I'm chasing a half finished project??? maybe a ke10 ke20 ke70... or anything?? jus let me know what u have probly don't wanna spend more than 2k? but will negotiate depending on car email me at [email protected] or jus on here
  4. forgot to add that all bar the front windows are there
  5. woops added a interior photo that wasnt suppost to be in there! its 1 of the other car i have for sale!
  6. For sale is my 1969 toyota corolla, was my projct but can't be bothered with it anymore! All i have done to it is strip it down to nothing and down to bare metal when got it it was a full running car with every single thing on it! It still runs and comes with every peice of interior (the front seats arnt the best neither is the rear but its all there) all the chrome mouldings and badges are there and in great condition! the car comes with absoutley everything to make it a complete car! it also comes with all brand new rubber moulds and indercators. the car is jus in a light coat of primer but needs a bit done to it i had bought another 1 thats in great condition and straight as and i was guna swap gurds/doors and bonnet but jus lost all intrest this is the link for the other 1 http://www.rollaclub.com/board/topic/48462-1969-ke10/page__gopid__499662#entry499662 asking $1600 for this 1 or $1900 for both.. loctation is ballarat for anymore in call jamie on 0431373259
  7. sorry location is ballarat,vic
  8. Up for sae is my 69 rolla ke 10 had plans to do it up but can't be bothered anymore! all the panels except the passenger side door is perfect no bog and original paint the car had no engine no box or diff or axel would be perfect for spare panels or replacement panels! call for more info $500.00 jamie 0431373259 or email [email protected]
  9. greenmac80 i understand that the 4age is probly the way to go but i want to go different... and thought because there is a huge range of parts and mods available for the mx5 and its small id go with it
  10. i don't wanna have to be cuttin and chopin a whole heap!!! 1500 for a gearbox don't worry me, but if the 5 speed is smaller and fits better id go with that! any1 recommend which mx5 engine would fit better without a huge amount of hassle? and place to buy an engine box n looms n that??
  11. not 100% that why I'm asking... what ever engine is easiest to put in
  12. if any has links or info it would be hugely appreciated
  13. jmoney

    project ke10

    project ke10
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