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  1. yeah I know. thanks for your kind words of hope and sympathy... bastard. it is pretty rooted though. inner and outer skins rotten. rest of it is pretty good. replaced 3 doors, but what can I say... rust sucks!!!!!!!!!!
  2. hi folks, this should be a test for those of you with new zealand contacts. I am looking for a steel sunroof for an import kp61 starlet S. factory option with black interior. should have some photos soon. not exactly a full blown project, but a project all the same. there we go folks, the challenge is set. any help greatly appreciated... cheers. Chris
  3. hi folks, can anybody help me find a sunroof for a kp 60 starlet sprint?? its the import model with black interior. I have a pretty cancerous one here which I would like to replace. thanks Chris
  4. Thanks to all, parts are no longer... please close this topic cheers
  5. kiwi returning to the nest. ahh, south canterbury, levels raceway... see you next week... now all i need is a ke70 or a kp61 for my upright 5k... :) .
  6. 5k 70


    timaru rally???? formerly known as the loaded hog spring rally???? look out south canterbury, kiwi returning to the nest next week. all i need now is a ke70 or a kp61 for my upright 5k... :) .
  7. Must sell by friday or it's dumped!!!!!!!! twin carb manifold only - no carbs or linkages. make me an offer ke70 diff no noises $25 ( near new shoes & cylinders ) ke70 guards doors bonnet bootlid $10 each pretty tidy. Monroe gas shocks (rear) $20 must sell by friday, or it's scrap metal!!!!!!! Northgate Brisbane
  8. Hi folks, am currently wrecking 83 ke70 sedan, due to moving to New Zealand. 2 5 speed gearboxes - 1 good cond. other unused $100 for both 1 diff ( shoes and cylinders replaced some time this year) $25 most panels in reasonable condition $10 each Northgate Brisbane Australia would like to sell up in the next week or so
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