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  1. heres a question for you do you, or can you get $15000 to do this project?
  2. ok, thats pretty high only ones i know of running that high often are dry sumped. and blueprinted. in single seaters. yes you will need a new ECU and a good one. what you are talking about is a pretty $$ project.....
  3. yes lots no... but unless you have made some good mods ot the motor, your just wasting time and $$ also use the silvertop ones, the blacktop ones are too big.... how big? TRD use them on their 3SGE's.....
  4. yes you will find that most TRD shock are made by tokico, with some others by KYB and bilstein you will also find that another tokico/kyb shock will not have the same valving as the TRD ones. you have to be very carfeul with superlow springs there is a reason king state they are not for road use....
  5. what kind of power and revs you planning? the crank rods and valves will handle a LOT doing the prep right is the important thing. THE biggest thing you MUST make sure of is the balancing, and the balancing of the oil pump and front pulley. i have seen a few 2zzs die due to aftermarket crank pulley kits. they arent balanced right and set up harmonics through the crank. this causes the oil pump to fail and then its good bye motor
  6. how about a set of zzw30 wheels? they look AWESOME on AW11's.
  7. the shocks will fit other tophats in fact I'm pretty sure all toyota strut tops are of the same design
  8. heres a handy cross reference page: http://trdparts.jp/english/list_shock-cartridge.html http://trdparts.jp/english/parts_shock.html
  9. that sounds correct, ae86 and ke70 are the same. can't comment on the xt130 as we didnt get those here but i reckon the struts wil be the same the top hates will probably differ, but will fit the ke70/ae86 shock
  10. ae86 should fit i used TRD inserts in my AA63 struts you'll fint that there will only be about 2 different diameters for toyota struts around that time. so with the use of spacers you have a MASSIVE choice
  11. yep, you could call it that! its a bit dodgy.. they done have latch! just a spring loaded ball detent, slam on the brakes, and it falls forward! it'll most of its time folded flat
  12. ok, a bit late but heres a pic of the side windows side window open phase one is now complete, barring paper work. cert guy coming wedensday, all going well tll be road legal the following wedensday :)
  13. so its a bit more of a challenge, get to it!! :) also theres no reason why you can't leave it as is and run a duct. though youd have to look into clearances
  14. premix shouldnt affect it like that! maybe it had seperated and the oil wasnt mixed in? back when i was at school my best mate raced go karts, after every meeting any left over fuel would go into his kp60. avgas with 2 strike oil, it was the worlds fastest kp60 :)
  15. they still do it. and its a tin..... how much is a half pint?
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