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  1. I think Tom might want his horn button back... Oh, wait! 😉 Good to the ol' wedge still kicking mate!
  2. /me ducks in and ducks back out... ;)
  3. Dang, I haven't been here in ages... I do still have my shirt, two beanies and probably some stickers left :o It's pretty much as per the logo in the banner. I'll dig it out and have a look.
  4. Fsck me that's hot! :o
  5. For some strange reason, I REALLY recognise this... :o What did you do to get it running nicely? Didn't take long to add to the door pods :D also, what happened to the ROHs :blinks: I'll just say good luck considering it took me a year to sell :/
  6. Price Drop to $400. I need these damn things sold, I'm flat broke. Mods, can you add the price into the thread title please :)
  7. Item: Kuhmo Ecsta ASX (KU21) 215/35/R18 Location: Springbrook, Gold Coast Price: $550 As per the title, I have a set of four for sale. They've had roughly 4000kms of use and are about 6mths old. They're currently on my Legnum but are being replaced in the next week or two. Located at Springbrook. I'm happy to meet anyone at Mudgeeraba/Robina for pickup. These are listed on multiple forums. Cheers, Matt :)
  8. Nitephyre

    Spotted Qld

    My rollavan driving off up the road :( :sob:
  9. Thanks Anthony for the smooth and easy transaction, we made it home :D Do you happen to have manuals/remote for the headunit? Cheers, Matt & Andrea :)
  10. Ok then, Friday it is. How is it up your way with all the rain? I'll most likely be coming up via Sunshine Mwy and aiming to be up there after 12pm some time. Cheers, Matt :)
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