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Found 7 results

  1. Had so much fun last year ( http://www.rollaclub...mpionship-2013/ ), I'm back again this year to have another go. This time with a half-decent engine so I may have a chance of keeping up with the other guys. On tarmac at least. Link to the 2014 Calender (Draft) Round 1 is on this Sunday the 23rd of February in Pakenham, gotta say I'm hoping for some grass on the surface like last year as it leveled the playing field, a lot. But we shall see how it goes, for the Entry Forms/Supp Regs, please click here.
  2. The Toyota Car Club of Australia will once again be hosting these surprisingly popular social gatherings in 2014. Starting time for CC&D events is 8.30am & we generally start to finish up at around 10.30am. As always, TCCAV does not condone anti-social behaivour in any form, so please leave the silly antics at home. :yes: Sunday 16th February – Jells Park, Wheelers Hill. For a Google Maps Link, please click here. Sunday 23rd March - Cranbourne Hungry Jacks Car Park - Cranbourne. For a Google Maps Link, please click here. Sunday 20th April – B-24 Liberator Restoration Project - Corner of Princess Highway & Farm road Werribee. For a Google Maps Link, please click here. ***Please Note*** Due to opening hours, this event will not commence until 9:30 am. Sunday 18th May – Arthurs Seat Lookout carpark - Mornington Peninsula. For a Google Maps Link, please click here. Sunday 15th June – Westerfolds Park - Fitzsimons Lane, Templestowe. For a Google Maps Link, please click here.
  3. About a year & a half ago, our Club President had a bit of a rant about teenagers not being skilled on our roads, then getting their licence & subsequently killing themselves on our roads. He passed on his article to CAMS, as he was a little ticked off with watching all the road deaths on the news etc. Well, together with what others have been saying to them, J Race has been set up as a way to introduce some basic car driving skills to these teenagers in a relatively safe environment. TCCAV together with the Ford Four Car Club will be jointly hosting the first round of the Victorian Motorkhana Championship & the first J Race sessions for 2013 at the Werribee Motorkhana complex, Gilman Reserve. This is an important and effective way to teach the youth in our club some basic skills. Just quietly, I had no problem with handing the keys to BT to the 15yr old son of a Club Member & hopped in the passenger seat. I'm not pretending to be an instructor, just wanted to give him a go, give him a taste so he'll bug his Dad for his own car. :P I myself am not a teenager, those days are long gone. But like most people, I probably think that I'm a better driver than I really am. So to build & improve upon some skills (while having some of the most fun you can have with pants on), I will be entering as many VMC events as I can make it to this year, whether they be dirt or tarmac. The first round is on Sunday 24th February, spectators are more than welcome to come down for a look. I'll try to get some photos & video on the day & make sure to upload it for peoples amusement. VMC Calender I'll keep this thread updated with results etc throughout the season, if you want/need more details on an event just send me a PM & I can point you in the right direction. By the way, I'll be doing this in my daily driver, should be fun! :D
  4. TCCAV is pleased to announce that Classic Japan will once again be held in 2013, this year on Sunday December 1st. This year will be bigger and better with a return to Como Park in South Yarra. As well as having no numbers restrictions for entries, this venue will allow us to host the event with the Classic Japanese Motorcycle Club in making Classic Japan 2013 a show for cars and bikes made in Japan pre 1988. The event is a huge celebration of Japanese car and bike culture. No trophies, no egos, just a bunch of enthusiasts coming out for a picnic on the grass with their classic J-tin bike or car. Vehicle entry will be via Alexandra Ave, South Yarra and once again we will be taking folding note donations at the gate to raise funds for the Fred Hollows Foundation. Gates open at 8am and close at 9am for entries. Spectator parking will be in the streets around the venue. To download a copy of the event flyer, please click here. For more information please contact TCCAV via email [email protected]. ***PLEASE NOTE*** If you intend to enter your car into the display area, we ask that you stay for the full duration of the show. If you are unable to stay the four-hours, we ask that you park outside the show area. We also run a 'park as they arrive' format & will not be separating cars by manufacturer etc. If you would like to park together as a group, we recommend a pre-meet somewhere so that you can arrive as a group & park together. This is a static car show, meaning that once parked vehicles will not be permitted to move around the show area. There will be many pedestrians in the area & by minimizing vehicular traffic, we can keep things safer for everybody.
  5. I realise it's a bit late in the year as we have already kicked off the CC&D Calendar with the event in Point Cook, but here's a list of confirmed dates & locations for the Toyota Car Club of Australia's Cars, Coffee & Donuts social events. Usually a good turn out to these events numbers-wise & in the variety of cars that attend. Starting time 8.30am & we generally start to finish up events at 10.30am. As always, TCCAV does not condone anti-social behaivour in any form, so please leave silly antics at home. :yes: April 21st - SkyHigh, Mount Dandenong - For Google Maps Location, click here. May 19th - Leaping Lizard, Brimbank Park - For Google Maps Location, click here. June 16th - RMS Titanic Theatre Restaurant, Williamstown - For Google Maps Location, click here. July 21st - Winterfest, Caribbean Markets & Gardens, Scoresby - For Google Maps Location, click here. August 18th - McDonalds Carpark, Preston - For Google Maps Location, click here. September 15th - Jells Park, Wheelers Hill (enter via Waverley Road) - For Google Maps Location, click here. October 27th - Autobarn, Epping - For a Google Maps Location, please click here. *Please note that new dates will be added to this post as dates/locations are confirmed.
  6. Hi all TCCAV is again organising a large Toyota contingent to attend the Hanging Rock Car Show on Sunday February 10th. Show is open to all cars that are 25 years old, or older. They are quite strict on this criteria. We meet at the BP at Calder at 7.00am out in the truck parking area, and depart 7.30am sharp. We cruise up together and stick together as we go in, so that we can all park together. We park on the oval inside the race course if you are looking for us. Entry fee is $20 at the gate, have it handy so you can get in quick. Great day out this one, with some 2,500 cars on display. Its big! Hopefully see some rollas there :) Adam
  7. I've had a hankering to get into motorsport of some description, but had absolutely no idea where to begin. Probably not best that I cut my teeth on a 6 hour event or similar, so I took up an opportunity to take part in a practice day. This was organised via the Toyota Car Club of Australia & the Ford Four Car Club to be held at the grounds (recently cleaned up & readied for use) in Weribee. No timing was involved, so there was not pressure & having fun/learning was the order of the day. We had drivers ranging from some 'older' gentlemen in hand-built specials (some with some very interesting engine & drive-train set-ups), to some early -teens who were learning the basics of car control in their Dads Moke. All types of vehicles too, an Hyundai Excel, a Honda CRX, an older Ford Laser, half a dozen MX5's, a new GT86 & a new BZR (yep, new cars out there in the dirt), a Mini & a new-ish WRX that was just insanely fast on the low-grip surface. There were 3 configurations of witches hats set-up & a page of different tests to choose from, simply a matter of picking which route you were going to take & off you go. Being practice, there were no penalties if you hit a witches hat or like me, forgot which way to go next. You just correct the hats you knocked over after your run for the next person & all is good.There was also the opportunity to either go for a ride with some more experienced drivers or have them ride with you in your car & give you some feedback. I highly recommend it! The best part, the entry fee was just $15. Yes, $15 to be able to go to a relatively safe, controlled environment & (to the extent of intelligent behaviour) literally throw your vehicle around & see what it can do. How cheap do you want to get?!? Okay, I did have acquire myself a CAMS Level 2 Speed licence, but as I had purchased a day licence less than 6 months ago, handing in that d/l with the application form gives you the cost of the d/l off of the full licence. So the 12 month L2S only cost $75 which will cover me for any event I wish to do (hillclimbs, sprints, trackdays etc), also looking at acquiring steward/scrutineers tickets through CAMS to be able to help out at events. There's an actual competition on the 24th of February, being hosted at the same venue. Am thinking of entering simply because it's so much fun. Anyway, enough talk, videos are still uploading but I have some photos.
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