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Factory 3Tc Cam Specs. Anyone Know?

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Hey guys,


Hoping somebody can help me out. Trying to find the specs for a stock 3tc camshaft for comparison against some racing cams I'm checking out.


Specs I'm after are:


Valve lift

Lobe lift


Lash clearance

Lobe center

And timing specs.


Any information is hugely appreciated






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gday - have the specs on a cam that was to be a stock replacement for a friends celica 2t but as far as i am aware 2t/2tc/3tc all share the same cam specs.... ???


Gross valve lift intake/exhaust .355"/.355"

Lobe lift: .254 intake/exhaust

Duration: 256/256

Valve Lash: .014 intake and .016 exhaust

Lobe Center: 110


not sure about timing specs hope I could help somewhat .... :hmm:

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