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How To Fit A Chin Spoiler To A Ke70 Stone Tray

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This was originally posted by stahlz_ae86 on KE70.com, 9th of May 2007.




This is a plastic rear wing from a Series 1 AE82 Seca hatchback (not a series 2, there is a difference in the shape as the series 2 incorporates the number plate light whereas the series 1 has the number plate lights as separate units either side of the plate). This photo shows it the right way up. It cost me around $30 from pick-a-part




This is what it looks like up-side-down




The next photo shows that i have hacked out the 'support thingys' located at quite regular intervals. I used a grinder with a cutting disk to cut into them from both the top and the bottom, then used multigrip pliers to twist/snap them out. I took the photo before removing the last few just to give you an idea of what i mean by 'support thingys'.




Next step i took was to cut 4 pieces of box steel to approx 65mm (don't quote me, going by memory will check and change if i'm wrong) and inserted them inside the spoiler on what was originally the top side which now becomes the bottom side (because it is a better fit when flipped). I used M5 X 16 c/sunk screws. I held the pieces of box inside the spoiler using c shaped vice grip pliers after taking rough measurements and marking out appropriately. I drilled the holes in the plastic to 4mm and lightly marked the steel with the drill bit, before removing it and holding it steady in the vice to drill through then tap with the M5 taper tap. I then drilled out the holes in the plastic spoiler to 5.5mm and used a countersink bit to make sure the screws would go in flush to the level of the plastic (because I will be fibreglassing over and want no lumps).




Note: the photo's show that the end pieces of box have 2 screws and the inner have just the 1 which is closer to the tip of the lip. This is because the 2 inner bits of box steel and a substantial part of the plastic spoiler will need to be cut to clear the chassis rails.




What it looks like from the inside...




Next I left the wing lying on the bench as pictured above, held the stone tray up to it and held it central by feeling each end with my index fingers then held with one hand while i marked where the bits of box are with a white marker. Next step was to cut these little slots with a cutting disk on the grinder. The two inner bits had to be cut a few mm deeper than the outer because the shape of the wing is not an exact fit (well der this was never its intended purpose). It was then a nice snug fit and held in place tight enough to put a tack weld on each bit of box. I then removed all screws and the wing leaving just the 4 bits of box in their respective pre-cut slots with tack welds, and continued to weld them up solidly. I used a low heat and wire speed to avoid blowing holes in the panel.




After welding is done you can re-fit the wing and provided you haven't overheated the panel anywhere it should go on no hassles. Should be left with something like this...








This is an unfinished project and post will be edited and tidied up so it can be read easier.


Just putting it out for now to give people some thoughts and show off some handy work :wink:

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