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Ke70 Rack Ends

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This was originally posted by AE70 on KE70.com, 22nd Feb 2008.



Straighten the wheels of the car - to 100% straight on !


1) Take font wheels of car


2) Find (14?mm) castle nut on end of tierod end, remove split pin. Crack nut. Do on both sides.


3) Measure from 2 points on the rack to the new rod ends, so that when you screw the new ones on, they sit in the same position.


4) unwind rack ends from rack.


5) Installation is reversal of removal !


6) Send car for a wheel alignment! - leave anything loose, and you risk loosing all steering to the vehicle. !


Don't forget to put the new lock washer on and peen it over when you tighten it(stops the inner rack ends from unwinding)


Teddy and Benno.

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