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T50 And Differentials...

ke70 GT

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hi everyone! I'm alvin from philippines..19yrs old..i had my ke70 since high school...back then it still had its stock 4k motor...modified it and still didnt squeeze enough.. i changed d ngne to 2tg and for only a week, i destroyed the ngne. so i had to use the soch version, 2t. i need ur help guys with how to modify the t50, is it possible to change or upgrade it? what differential can i use for my ke70? its hard to find lsd here in my plce, i don't know what would be bolt on on this car.. help me awt, gotta kip up with hondas, sumhow... the engine itself has been modified even if its a soch only... pnp works, hi-rise headrs..and the very difficult to tune, solex side draft, race cams.. with all dis, men, i love this car... i just need some help on the diff..and tranny... mor HP to all! :wink[/font]

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An upgrade for the gearbox is to track down a T to W bellhousing which i think would be quite hard. maybe just go a little easier with your left foot :dance:. as for the diff you could upgrde to a T series diff out of either a TE72 (T-18 here) or a JDM model sprinter. the sprinter diff will prob be pretty expensive but will have discs and an LSD already in there. T series diffs also came out in the earlier celicas but not sure if they are suitable for the KE70. i am sure some one else will tell you.

hope this helps abit.

-Calvin :harhar:

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yes, i found a w55 tranny 4sale, sum said that its heavy... but the good thing is that it can hold more hp than my t50 although i don't think my ngne makes more than 160hp... but I'm happy, just last sunday, i was just behind a 2004 civic rs, we had a drag race, both started at same starting grid, no plus for me.. and i was able to stick with it. it has roughly 130hp stock. il soon be swapin 2t for 20v but still gonna use t50 tranny...thats why i thought of upgrading it if it was possible... i must say i rili do need lsd... i had too much tire spin on launch, thats a waste of time. :harhar: post-1116-1137072641_thumb.jpgpost-1116-1137072641_thumb.jpgpost-1116-1137072641_thumb.jpgpost-1116-1137072641_thumb.jpg

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