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  1. TRD ke70

    Leyburn Sprints 2018

    There's another event on this weekend at Pittsworth as well.
  2. Anyone wrecking a KE30 2 door in the Brisbane, Toowoomba,Sunshine Coast area? Chasing LH Front Guard, LH Door, A pillar cut, Radiator Support, front windscreen and maybe a rear quater cut, For a rally car, so doesn't need to be perfect, just pretty good. TXT me or call Chris on 0429889761 or 0448848461.
  3. TRD ke70

    Steerfast Rally Ta64 Group B Celica

    Oh, you have been hard at work. Nice.
  4. TRD ke70

    Trds Rally Car

    it's a completely different now. has a 6 speed closer ratio, floating hubs, dry sump, etc. The miss was fixed, can't remember what was the cause.
  5. TRD ke70

    Trds Rally Car

    Here's a little bit of in-car from Corolla at WRC at Coffs.
  6. TRD ke70

    Driveshaft Vibration

    i would put the old 2 piece tail shaft back in. The single piece is designed for a gearbox with 2 main shaft bearings. like a T50 The 2 piece is designed for a gearbox with one main shaft bearing, hence the center bearing, carry's some of the load. like a K series. BUT, there is always a but, some japan KE70's had single piece shafts and a K series box. Also it could be the company who balance the shaft doesn't run the balancer flat out as well, i would only use Hardy Spicer in Brisbane, they know what our shafts go through.
  7. TRD ke70

    The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    Like Justin said, you can use a camry condenser, i would't use the AE86 compressor, just cause the age and it was really designed for R12 gas. If you could get a hold of the 2A compressor that would be so much better, designed to handle the head pressures of R134a. You'll need an extra fan, (not some cheap shit craig davies crap thing either), a genuine Toyota 5 blade A/C fan is the go, You need to have really good airflow over the condenser. Have a look at Toyota with a/c and most run 2 fan continuously with the a/c on. You have my number bro, call anytime.
  8. TRD ke70

    The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    It's made by ThreeBond and is sold by Garrmax international in Brendale.
  9. TRD ke70

    1988 Corollaii Parts Help

    Alljap in brisbane may still have some parts for those. 1860 Sandgate Rd Virginia 4014 PH.(07)3865 2221 or look them up on facebook
  10. TRD ke70

    Rebuild 3Vzfe

    yip, meant 12 valve,,,, duh
  11. TRD ke70

    Te71 Gt (2Tb) Timing Chain Kit have a look....
  12. TRD ke70

    Te71 Diff Question

    T series diff's had many different ratio's TRD made 5.6, 5.3 (i think) 4.78 (still available) AE86 Zenki is the same center, ratio's were 3.9, 4.1, 4.3, 4.5 hope that helps
  13. TRD ke70

    Rebuild 3Vzfe

    Yip same engine, comes in 4runner, hilux surf i think. 3.0L 16 valve.
  14. TRD ke70

    3K Fuel Pump Overhaul

    if i remember rightly, you push down on the diaphragm and sort of push forward to release it. The pump lever arm has a hook and the diaphragm arm has a slot.