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Help - Info Needed For Ae112 And Zze122R Seat Rails


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Hi.. I'm new to these forums since I purchased my AE112R and need some help with the seat rails.


My plan is to put Sportivo seats from a ZZE122R into a AE112R


I have a spare set of AE112 rails I grabbed from the wreckers, I have tried to get the lower runner off and the seat rail roller out but its impossible. unless I don't know the way to do it properly. Studs are blocking the path for the runner to come apart and drilling them out seems like and unsafe thing to do.


So the help I need is to take off the lower runners from the AE112 and slide them onto a ZZE122R top runner, but in doing this I would also need to take off the lower runner from the ZZE122R.


Both are the same width apart and same rail type, on difference is the mounting points and brackets.

Hence why i just need to change the lower runners.


I rather not change anything on the top runner that connects to the ZZE122R seats since the different shape on the base of the seat (curved) when the AE112's seats are flat also the mounting points are different that are connected to the base.


I'll get some photos up soon and hope someone out there has done this already without hacking the crap of the seat rails.


But for now I'm stuck


All help and suggestions are appreciated...




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