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The Chocolate Parts Car. (Lj81)

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Ok so I restored this old girl 3 years ago. Made quite a few waves on the suzuki forums.. Was dailying her and was my only car at the time. Uncomfortable to say the least.. Great in moderation though, turns more heads than my 25. Ended up selling it and regretted it ever since. That was until I saw it up on gumtree a few days ago.

He had people looking at it one after another, I just got the cash drove there and handed it over got the keys and drove home :D

Specs are stock, 800cc 4 speed, Restored her to original. Using it as a parts car for the 26 panno


I'll shut up now







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This rig is beautiful.

I couldn't bring myself to sell mine to buy this.

Are the plans to club rego and drive?

Will this rig be seeing any rocks?

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I'm dailying it to work but plans are to lift it 2 inches with some 31's and a canopy for the back. Shes one of the few that hasnt seen much 4wding and i think ill keep it that way, probably just stick to fire trails :)

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