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  1. Hey Guys, Bumping this up - I've been MIA for the past few years the Suzuki has been out no more than 10 times since and wanting to pick my hobby back up All i want out of this build is EFI, an angry sounding motor and to potentially swap out the 5th gear with custom cut gear as its a bit tall (Approx 4500 rpm @ 100kms). Not chasing huge power but hoping for 100hp. I don't quite have as much time as i used to and if i tackled this one solo it would potentially be in the garage for another 10 years before its finished. Happy to share my budget via PM. Thanks, Andrew
  2. Hey guys just a quick question on this - Been researching a bit on bike carbs and interested to know if anyone has experimented with 1 single bike carb? The reason why I want to go down the bike carb route is because they are CV style and can handle angles pretty well (for steep hillclimbs and wierd angles for 4wd) The kit I'm looking at accomodates 40mm or 44mm Harley Davidson carbs and looks to be something you bolt on an existing manifold. http://www.lowrangeoffroad.com/suzuki/samurai/engine-upgrade/sidewinder-suzuki-samurai-cv-carburetor-installation-kits-40mm-or-44mm-seu-cvck-40-seu-cvck-44.html Is there more of a gain to be had with four carbs over the one? I realise the link I gave is for a suzuki sierra and their carbs are on the other side of the engine but i am pretty sure they share the same bolt pattern for carbs.
  3. Hi Mate - thats what I do intend on doing how ever was hoping the engine builder can give me some more specifics on what I need to buy etc.
  4. Hi Guys, Can anyone please point me in the right direction on who would be able to EFI my 5k in Melbourne? Preferably eastern suburbs but its not really an issue. I haven't purchased anything as of yet and wanting someone who would know which bits and pieces to buy and install/wire up. Thanks and apologies if this has been posted in the wrong section
  5. This rig is beautiful. I couldn't bring myself to sell mine to buy this. Are the plans to club rego and drive? Will this rig be seeing any rocks?
  6. I have saved up a bit more $$$ and now looking at different options. Put efi on to the 5k or drop in a 7k Can anyone recommend an engine builder who would be able to put this in + carry out a few other mods etc? Also - I already have an engineers certificate for 5k engine conversion for my zook. Will I need another engineers certificate if I out in efi?
  7. Hey guys I did a compression test on a cold engine just to see what base I'm starting with. Dry 155 170 165 160 Wet 170 185 180 180 Largest variance for dry test is 8.8% (155 vs 170) and largest for wet is 8.1% (170 vs 185) Is this still ok without a rebuild? Just looking at my next steps to take as I have blown an inlet manifold gasket and rig stalls when idle. Plans - a cam of some sort, need to do further reading and make some calls to the cutters and full exhaust. Hoping to get away with just a little under 1k for these items. Am I being to optimistic? Or would u just not do either and go straight for EFI? Finally does anyone have any recommendations for shops to goto on East Melbourne?
  8. i read in a suzuki forum that some people have been putting 4k carbs on their zook engines as an upgarde so thinking putting a zook carb on my 5k would be a disadvantage. would an electric fuel pump do any justice to fix this? at some stage in the future (when time permits) i will be doing a comp test on the engine and hopefully pulling things apart. will be my first time pulling an engine apart so will be fun and games. i did do a comp test previously but had no idea what i was doing and turned a blind eye afterwards haha. plan is extractors, 1 3/4 zorst and a cam. but things may change :) efi is certainately on the cards so i will be doing a lot of reading in the coming months
  9. Hi Leigh, Loving the high top that you had and 6.5's are awesome!!! was my first mod. I have thought about doing a RUF but still have other things i wanna do to it before going for it. Pretty happy with my flex with this set up anyways. Please see below: Did you use the standard toyota carby on yours? my car keeps dying on steep inclines.
  10. Hi All, Just a small intro my name is Andrew I’ve always been keen to learn about cars and didn’t quite have any hobbies so I put them both together and started off with a 4wd. Always had a soft spot for zooks since I was a kid and I needed a car that I COULD NOT speed in for a year so the LWB was perfect for me. Best thing about zooks is how cheap some of the parts can be had for. I accumulate all my spare change and buy most of my parts from that! I used to own a couple of corollas – had a 03 Model corolla sportivo and then had a granny spec KE35 so was even better when i heard there was a corolla donk in here Set up when I bought the car a few years ago: Suzuki Sierra 1l lwb Toyota 5k engine with lengthen/shorten jack/tail shafts T50 gearbox Standard transfer case 1 litre open diffs Front and Rear Drop shackles 31” Cooper Discovery ST’s Before: Current Set up Upgraded 1.3 litre wide track diffs, chromoly front axles with auto lockers fron and rear 6.5 ratio transfer case Winch 2” body lift Front drop shackles changed over for extended shackles 31” Silverstone Xtremes The list goes on…. I have had a massive learning curve over the last few years in regards to the driveline etc and learnt a lot about my car. I will be looking into playing with my engine now and should be lurking around a lot in this forum to get some info. I have a build thread in another forum but will try and update this thread according to engine related stuff - and maybe the odd flex shot ;) Merry xmas everyone!
  11. So i took the advise from kickn5k and took my stuff to a brake and clutch shop and it got matched up to clutch disc TYD008U The disc is a little loose on the spline however everything got sorted in the matter of 2 hours including throwout bearing. Happy times installing it now - thanks all
  12. I see your point Taz, I must be missing the retainer part which is a bummer. The whole engine conversion of my rig is a nightmare. i have got a welded (not bolted) cross member and the engine had to come out for the gearbox to have enough clearance to come out. I might go and hunt around the wreck yards and see if i can pull off a 180ml flywheel of a corolla and look for the retainer clip infront of the box. I always thought the hacked bellhousing was to accomodate for the clutch fork being pushed back and forth. the original dust boot was ripped to shreds and barely covered the hole. I made good use of a HD rubber glove and a piece of leather for this. So if the flywheel was 20ml smaller (180ml vs 200ml), wouldn't the starter motor not reach the flywheel once all put back together? Another thing i want to make abosulte sure of before i go down this path is to know that the 21 spline clutch plate will fit on directly with no play (TYK-6280 (K50) 21T x 24.1ml x 180ml). I am pretty sure my measurement was pretty accuarate, and if it wasn't it should only be 1ml difference. i apologize if i'm completely wrong above the above statement, this is the first time i've played with clutches/gearboxes. edit: I have been reading up on some other sites and people have been pointing to the KE74 clutch disc which is the above mentioned TYD008U. I might give that one as my last shot and go from there.
  13. Thanks for the repsonses guys, I was trying not to go down the route of not changing flywheel as I have just got this machined. The 21 spline set up from exedy looks like it is going to be 2ml difference so was thinking there would be too much play. I do have the 200ml flywheel. Are there any potential issues in going down to a 180ml flywheel? Clutch plate has is getting sent to exedy to see if they can match it up with anything and if not they will quote me for a custom job. Has been a real pain in the backside returning all these different clutch plates to a vendor that deals with exedy. Another thing i want to ask is are there meant to be any retaining clips for the throwout bearing? The main reason why i am going for the clutch change is because i had a very loud throwout bearing. When looking at it,it was just seized on and i had to hammer it out. appreciate the assistance guys. gotta love dealing with engine conversions :)
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