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Rear Glass For Zze122R Wagon?

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Hi, I'm hoping someone can advise me on fixing/replacing my wife's rear window on her 2006 wagon. The window tint is blury and some of the defog circuits don't work.


I'm thinking the easiest thing to do is replace the glass.


Is this a job a amateur can do?


Can anyone recommend a shop to fix or replace the the glass with a used one.


Thank You,



Yarraville Vic

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Thats a fairly new car (compared to what we a play with) so I would think that any decent car glass mob should be able to sort you out.


If I were you I would ring toyota first to see how much for the genuine part to ensure the fog lines are good qualify. Your car is getting to the age where maybe genuine parts are getting cheap enough to consider. I would still bet an aftermarket screen will be cheaper.


I wouldnt change glass myself. I got a whole new windscreen replaced and installed with a new seal for $200 once (aftermarket jobby) so its not worth your time learning how to do it and buying tools etc. Too much to go wrong with diy (cracking your new screen and water leaking inside)

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