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Mystery Box Rally

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Hi everyone at Rollaclub,

This November I am taking part in the Mystery Box rally which raises money for the Cancer Council. My teammate and I fly to Sydney, get a car worth under $1000 in a mock auction run by the Cancer Council and proceed to 'rally' around mystery locations in outback New South Wales... and maybe Victoria or ACT. Who knows. The money we raise is used in the auction, so if we raise $5,000, we have up to that amount to bid on a car.. so help us get a better car! All of the money goes towards the Cancer Council.


We need to raise at least $3,000 to take part, but are trying to aim for $5,000. If anyone would like to donate to my team, you can do so here:https://mysterybox2015sydney.everyda...lattyrefactory


Any amount would be greatly appreciated, even $1. If everyone who reads this thread donates $1 it would probably end up a pretty generous amount. Tax receipts are available.


Also if you have a business and would like to sponsor our team please pm me. You will be able to have branding on our car, the Mystery Box website and also social media. This costs $100, with anything over that amount counting as a donation and therefore being tax deductible.



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