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500Hp Ke70 Drift Build

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Chuck some pics up of the 70s progress as you go mate.

What setup have you got on the old sr to make 507hp? That will be pretty staunch for sure

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havent updated in a while but a heap has happend in the last few months,

me and my old man moved in to our workshop so we now have a dedicated place to work on our cars and chill out. hoist, compressor, tools and cabinets have been added so far. bar theartre room kitchen to come.


i got straight to work and started by removing the old 4k and tore my front end down and powdercoated everything black.


lots of parts have arrived including hubs, xt130 arms, lock spacer, bushings, coilovers and more,

most of my front end is together all freshly powdercoated. i want everything fitting up before i decide to paint anything else.


boxed up my xt130 arms, unsure if i should remove the steering stops (engineering and rego) but i would like to find out before i powdercoat them.


my ke conversions engine mounts and pedal box arrive and i dropped my motor in for a test fit, looks good although it hits my greedy copy plenum on the brake booster, so am curious to see if anyone else has had that problem and how they got around it?


everything is going smooth so far but i feel i might run in to problems with clearance for my rb25 box.


restoring my brake calipers in the coming weeks and hopefully some changes to the engine bay for clearances.

heres some pictures so far. update again soon cheers



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